Tips for Boosting Sheet metal Stamping productivity

Year 2019 has been exceptional in sheet metal stamping manufacturing, and the global community will agree with the same. Defense, Automotive, Aerospace, industrial engineering, and so on…the list of clients just continues for sheet metal stamping. Manufacturers have a lot to deliver but it always seems to be a race against time to keep up with the growing demands. Here are some of the top tips for boosting sheet metal stamping.

  • Good Design Tools

With the latest design tools available for the sheet metal stamping industry, it is crucial that you use them when designing the stamping dies. The tools help to create a digital version of stamping die and this replaces the need to create an actual prototype die for clients. This helps to save time during the design and die manufacturing process. When a client agrees to a set design, it is faster to manufacture a die and then make small amendments if required rather than making one prototype for every project. Investing in a good design tool will bring long term benefits.

  • Automate Some Processes

Many stamping manufacturing processes are manual and with good planning, some of them can be easily automated. Automation will remove the repetitive work from the employees and these can be used for other tasks such as planning, programming, and areas that need cognitive decision making. Automation is a boon but you need to strategize the areas that will help you increase productivity and save costs at the same time.

  • Use Latest Technology in Manufacturing

In the stamping tool manufacturing there are several technological advancements that have happened over a few years. It is crucial that these are implemented in the manufacturing. If the traditional approach is taken in every project, it will result in loss of time and efficiency. Latest machines, software, strategies will help keep up with the pace and enhance the stamping manufacturing process.

  • Train Your Employees

In stamping industry, the importance of training employees can never be overemphasized. Make sure that you keep training your employees on the new technology, strategy, and latest ways of doing things. Training your employees in making the best use of equipment is a long term investment and will bring returns accordingly. Rather than leaving it on to the employees, it is best to train and equip them with the relevant knowledge.

  • Structure the QC Department

Quality control department can add to the efficiency and inefficiency of the stamping industry. Make sure that you structure this department well. If detailed steps are carefully followed in the quality control, it helps to identify problems in the early stage, rectify them and then continue the production. However, if these are not identified in the early stage then there is a loss of time, efforts and production cost. This is an important department that will ensure not just the efficiency in production but will also ensure that quality is seen through from design to the delivery of a specific component.

  • Stamping Type

There are several stamping tool types that are available to choose from. Depending upon the type of project, choose the stamping tool that is best suited for the need. For example, progressive stamping will make wise sense if there are several actions that need to be performed on a metal strip in a progressive manner. Rather than having different stations, you can have one feeding unit and progressive stations that deliver a completed component for you. In this way, you will save the manual labor and make the best use of a stamping manufacturing technique in a progressive way.

Eigen: Your Efficient Stamping Partner

Eigen is experienced in working with several international clients from the last 13+ years. When it comes to sheet metal stamping, Eigen is a recognized name across the globe. With efficient strategies and state of the art manufacturing unit based out of Bangalore, India, Eigen is very well equipped to handle all your stamping needs. The regular training of employees to ensure that the workforce is ready to take on every project whether big or small. So whether it is aerospace, automotive, defense, electrical, electronics, industrial engineering, or any other industry, Eigen is setup for efficient metal stamping.