Tips to Make Digital Signage More Noticeable

If you decide to use digital signage for advertising your business, you’re making the right move. Many people will notice these signs and even choose to buy your products if they’re convincing enough. The good thing is that it’s an offline marketing strategy. Given how saturated the online marketing world is, it’s a good thing to invest in something different.

You use digital signage because you want people to see what you put up. They might feel convinced to buy what you offer if your signage is attractive enough. These are some tips to make the signs more noticeable.

Use colours

Make sure you use a splash of colours. The signage needs to be attractive even from afar. Besides, the night lights will probably be colourful. You want to join the game and offer something that captures attention. However, you need to avoid using just about any colour out there since it could distract people from the main point of the ad.

Ask a question

It would help if you enticed people by asking a catchy question. If you want them to read the rest of the signage, the question needs to be in a large font. It also needs to capture everyone’s interest. Don’t be afraid to ask something daring or with a double-meaning, as long as you don’t cross the line or violate any advertising law.

Find the right location

If you want people to notice the signs, you need to place them in the right location. Maybe the reason why your previous signage didn’t work is that you put it in areas where no one saw it. Apart from crowded places, you also need to choose locations where your target customers usually pass by.

Choose the right image

The good thing about the use of digital signage is that you can change the content at any time. You can also have different ads in one digital signage kiosk. Regardless of the number of ads you choose to put up, you need to ensure that you have the best pictures. People will feel interested in checking out the ads if the pictures are good. They should be either thought-provoking, funny, or controversial. Avoid copying images used by other companies or generic images you found online.

Highlight the promotions

People stop by to check out some ads to see if there are promotions available. Therefore, you need to highlight them when you decide to use digital signage. You can expect people to keep on reading if they know that there’s something for them if they decide to buy now. In a challenging economic time, people want to look for ways to reduce expenditure. Showing them that your company has promotions and discounts will most probably attract attention.

Determine which aspects of your marketing campaign work and make sure that you change the bad ones in the future. The good thing is it’s easy to replace digital signage, and you can do it whenever necessary. Even minor tweaks are possible any time you want.