To Make Companies Market in Real Time, Hyp3r Raises $17M

HYP3R is a location-based marketing platform that reveals the identity about geosocial data. It lets the marketers understand the value of the business in terms of on-location and start engaging the customers and build actionable CRM to gain profitable customers.

It is founded by Carlos Garcia, a marketing entrepreneur in the year 2015. To track and communicate with the customers, Hyp3r uses location data generally. So they started using mobile device IDs. At some locations like hotels, shopping malls, airports; geofences are set, because of these, it is easy for the marketers to read and track the customers. It is also easy for them to enable and monitor the geotagged social media posts without depending on hashtags and @tags. It is made simple to market in the real-time with this beautiful set of operations brought out by Hyp3r.

Recent funding

The company  is responsible for selling subscription software products. A week ago the company raises $17.3 Million Series A fund to improve marketability in many companies. In that, Thayer Ventures, Structure Capital, Rokk3r Fuel contributed and participated in the round.

The overall distribution of funds to date:

1. On 10 Aug 2015, convertible type Hyp3r raised funding up to $450,000 as the 1st round of funding, where 4 investors are involved in it namely Techstars, Rokk3r, Right Side Capital Management, Disney Accelerator.
2. On 6 February 2018, Grant type Hyp3r raised $50,000 with NFL as its investor.
3. On 1 March 2016, Seed Round Hyp3r fund has been raised for $6 million and the investors in this round are Techstars, Summation Health Ventures, Structure Capital, Rokk3r, Kayvon Beykpour, Adam Sender, Disney.
According to the CrunchBase news, the overall funding reached $23Million.

The 3 strategies of Hyp3r:

Primarily, Hyp3r is a custom-based platform where its complete focus is to attract customers by three strategies namely- Acquire, Engage, and Analyze

1. Acquire

For those marketers who rely on direct data point opportunities, it is best to identify the potential customers in particular locations and reach them through relevant and timely campaigns.
Hyp3r helps to run media campaigns and reduce acquisition costs up to 60%. With geosocial data, it makes improvements to the CRM.

2. Engage

Hyp3r helps to promote the customer experience and surprise them with a delightful manner which is never imagined by them. Boost loyalty with personalized and real-time engagements. This brings out the positive reviews from the customers. Leveraging the content generated by the users is also made simple using Hyp3r.

3. Analyse

With the competitive trends of Hyp3r, analyzing and understanding the customers is made easy. It surfaces social activity from a single location and brings out an opportunity to impress customers despite of mentions and hashtags.
It is important to analyze the location-based social content and gain insights from the competitors and identify the well-known influencers from the location.

The highlights of Hyp3r are:

1. It targets travel and retail firms and that changed the technology and brought success to the 2 companies like Amazon illustrate and Airbnb.
2. With the explanation given by the founder of Hyp3r Garcia, many digital marketers have only digital competitors neither own physical locations, doesn’t have more data. For them, online travel agencies contribute to the phenomenon of OTA that directs customers to any locations rather develop relationship and customer information. By then, Hyp3r brought out a hope for “Level The Playing Field” of those companies which don’t have traditional real-time access to the data.
3. The company has been treated as an award-winning platform.

4. It integrates with the excellent CRM software like Adobe and Salesforce. Being as a utility for other companies the company won’t compete with the similar marketers.
5. Their goal is not to listen and publish the workflow of certain social media but to determine the goal in acquiring and engaging the customers using location. It is different from others and brings back ROI to the customers.
6. Currently, Hyp3r is servicing 65000 locations which is not the correct value. Because their goal is not to have publicity rather wanted to bring back customers for another transaction.
7. Their privacy describes the nature of how they attain personal information and share them across. They get it from the visitors of the company during the service provision.


Hypr3 is ought to make physical and blind relationships with the customers and create an event so as to highlight the location with the maximum effects. Hyp3r is known to develop business and bring brand identity thereby attract influential customers at that locations and build relationships in real-time.