Rooter- A Sports Engagement Platform Raised $ 640,000 Pre-Series A Funding

Rooter is a world’s best gaming platform that gained more than 1.6 million fans and on an average, it covers 8 sports namely Basketball, Tennis, Cricket, Tennis, Kabbadi, Hockey, Cricket, Football, and F1. Over 4100 matches, more than 205 tournaments, more than 57 million LIVE games are shown and have been covered, and 6.3 million fans conversation has been taken place in the Rooter platform till today. It is incubated by the Venture catalysts with an average of $ 250,000.

Latest News

It provides news and update related to the 8 sports that are conducted worldwide. Meanwhile, in recent days, it raises its pre-series A funding to $640,000 which is facilitated by the incubator and the early stage investments organization.

The round involved in it is facilitated with many incubators like Pranay Nigotiya, Nishil Agarwal, Vishal Agarwal, Anjali Malhotra, Khalid AI Tawil, Vivek Awasthi, Tharun Dhariwal, and many others.

Funds Utilization

Rooter uses these funds to boost their multi-lingual experiences, expand user base, put forwards efforts in launching massive web products. The company is trying to enhance their geographies in South-East Asia with the gained income.

Appraisal from Adidas family

Aproov Ranjan Sharma the co-founder and president at Venture catalysts have decided and chosen Rooter for the upcoming 2018 leAD Sports Accelerator Program conducted by Adidas family.

Among the other similar startups that were selected for the programme, Rooter stood first from India.
As leAD gives sports startups a level of boosting from the beginning stage to fully functioning ventures providing a path to opportunities for strategic business, personal membership, follow-up investment, and direct investments.

History of Rooter

Rooter was founded in 2016 and started covering the 8 sports with different specifications like chats, live scores, commentaries, and treated to be a fans platform interfacing with the gamified predictions of matches that are held in different locations.


Rooter, accessible for both Apple’s iOS and Android devices, offers sports fans an opportunity to associate crosswise over genuine and virtual universes.

It is a mobile-based sports interaction that goes beyond the social media platforms. Their growth has been eventually growing and their user population reached 1.6 million till today.
Rooter provides a live cricket score update that includes every day, weekly, monthly; quick, ball by ball, live commentary of the tournaments that were disclosed very frequently with a refreshed data every time.

Other recent fundings

Recently, in 2017, an undisclosed amount has been raised for Intex Technologies for the mobile handset maker which is an early stage fund that has been approximately used.


Piyush the Co-founder of Rooter says- The end goal of launching Rooter is to redefine the technology in the global sports fan interface. Also to be recognized as the prestigious member in leAD Sports Programme. He also wanted to be honored among the startups and to be transformed as the latest edition that grabs opportunities and wanted to make Rooter a preferred fan’s Sports engagement platform.