Top 10 Alternatives Of Fiverr

In the modern world, outsourcing has turned out to be a simple solution for numerous problems. This is perhaps what inspired Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger to start Fiverr in 2009. This online global marketplace for sale and purchase of tasks and services has become one of the most popular online portals within just a few years.
The phenomenal success of Fiverr has led to a number of similar websites being launched. This has not only provided the users with greater choices for posting their gigs but has also enabled them to get a wider range of choice in selecting the most efficient and cost-effective solution provider. Listed below are the top 10 websites similar to Fiverr.

 1. Fiverr Pro

Fiverr Pro website is the most popular Fiverr clone in the US and actually responsible for creating the base software for most other Fiverr like websites. The website believes in using a combination of an extensive knowledge of web design and development for creating a high-quality product and marketing it through the latest online marketing strategies.

Fiverr Pro is responsible for hiring the topmost and hand-picked experts trusted by the most famous brands. It is responsible in hiring freelancers experienced in video animation, graphic designers, writing and translation, digital marketing, music and audio, programming and tech.

 2. GigBucks

GigBucks is an old website, which came into existence when Fiverr was still enjoying its initial success. GigBucks enables users to post gigs between $5 and $100. Users can register with the help of their facebook or twitter accounts or simply use their OpenID.

Gigbucks acts as a platform that helps many talented and freelancing people offering priced services starting from $5 bucks. Simultaneously, compared to fiverr it acts as a medium for delivering the best offer to the individuals who search for freelancing jobs and works.

 3. Zeerk

The most attractive quality of Zeerk is its great design which has a significant role to play in its success. Users can post gigs for anywhere between $3 and $200 for an extremely low commission, which makes it possible for them to earn as much with a 100 gig as they would with 20 gigs on Fiverr.

Zeer administration enables user data to be secured holding to have a better confirmation with satisfaction. It allows you to find and compare the qualities and services with the alternative and can simply make track of the duties.

 4. Guru

Guru is again an old website that was launched soon after Fiverr. Even though the website is designed in a simple fashion, it is renowned for taking care of its customers, unlike any of the other similar sites. They enable both sellers and buyers to post gigs comfortably with the available range of the market.

It has collaborated about 3000,000 users worldwide, 1000,000 jobs successfully completed and on an average of $250,000,000 paid to the gurus. It helps you create milestones in your life creating many workplaces of your own.

 5. Freelancer

Freelancer, a clone of Fiverr is not only well designed but also better organized making it extremely user-friendly. Along with well-organized activities according to towns, the website also offers other features like contests and blogs.

It helps small business to explore their business in real-time. Only when the work is finished and satisfied, the user is then allowed to pay. Any beginner in the market looking for experts and freelancer can find this website advantageous. All their video tutorials are effective and simple to understand.

 6. Peopleperhour

PeoplePerhour is also an effective alternative for a fiverr website offering freelancers attain works with high wages. It is trusted by 751,831 businesses, and collaborated up to 1,556,539 freelancers, making them earn around £106,454,830. Finding the right person for your project within the expected range is made simple with Peopleperhour.

It helps you find the reviewed and rated professionals of any skill that could help your business in many different angles.

 7. Toptal

The website has an original look and feels with its clean design and decent logo. The website is worth at least one look with their proposed charges. Users can simply use their Facebook or Twitter accounts or Google+ to register with Toptal. Apply yourself as a freelancer or hire one for your respective business work to finish in time. You are able to find talented designers, developers, financial experts, project managers. With zero risks, you are allowed to find and communicate painlessly with the partners.

 8. 99Designs

99Designs website definitely offers an interesting look in terms of design. The registration process is simple and users can become a member of their team of talented peoples. It acts as the global platform making you understand and grow business. You can find freelancers for designing logos, websites, and more. This platform is rated 4.7/5 having 36,896 satisfied customer reviews on a whole. It helps you find the right skill at the right time.

 9. FreeUp

The motto and chess table design makes FreeUp website quite attractive. This website, which is extremely popular in Canada, enables users to share things for just $5. In addition, the website blog enables them to remain updated with the latest news. It helps you recruit, hire and vet thousands of freelancers for different positions. It indirectly provides access to top 1% applicants.

 10. Upwork

Upwork online marketplace for buying and selling gigs has an attractive design supported by a good number of features. Register yourself for getting attractive and expert freelancers starting from $5. Their process involves simple steps that can make any new visitor understand the phenomena easily and quickly. Either looking for a freelancer or signing up as a freelancer, Upwork provides you the perfect and simple method of registration.
Upwork helps you browse, review their previous works and schedule the work accordingly. Similar to fiverr, Upwork has gained a huge number of valuable users and named as the best resource for employing a freelancer or becoming a freelancer.


Every website discussed above have created different use cases and portfolios for attracting and encouraging talents and became popular in the internet market. It helped many of the jobless citizens earn successfully and helped them gain a positive name from the best databases.