Top 10 Web Video Conferencing Services

We should understand that the internet revolves entirely around the techniques of marketing and strategizing. Since the rate of competition has increased supremely, therefore, web owners must resort to different measures in order to achieve high ranking and recognition for their business. One of the techniques is of web video conferencing that improves interface interactions between clients and managers. Companies have begun to adopt video conferencing as a service that allows them to remain connected with their employees and customers on the web. If you want your website to gain high recognition through online commerce then video conferencing will allow you to have satisfied customers.

Since technology has been providing wonderful innovations right at our doorsteps, therefore, video conferencing is a beneficial mode of communication. If you want to stay in contact with your employees, sales prospects and clients on an everyday basis such that the services offered and received don’t face any hassle, this form of interaction serves to be the best. The ideal enterprise solution should target the increasing productivity of your company profile through a boost in your clients. Considering how most business deals are being made online- it is highly beneficial to obtain video conferencing as one of the marketing assets of your enterprise’s website.

If you are to consider video conferencing services then there is an assurance that your enterprise will certainly improve visibility online. Once you become one of the professional establishments online that manage their client’s business through video conferencing then there will be a balance obtained in your workspace. Video conferencing saves up on time and money especially since it allows you to communicate with outside employees who live around the office boundaries. You don’t have to send in your employees just for a conversation with your clients but can manage to survey a conversation through video conferencing that can be recorded for future assistance.

Here are the top 10 Web Video Conferencing Services

1. GoToMeeting

This particular service- GoTo Meeting has been introduced by Citrix and is one of the best video conferencing sites. It consists of an impressive and user-friendly framework through which you can host conferences as well as invite plenty of users into the interface network.

2. Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx  is a completely original video conferencing service that features high-quality tools allowing the reputation of your company to rise due to its effortless system of interface. Besides online webinars and meetings, this particular website offers training and courses for the users in different types of WebEx.

3. Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is yet another specialized service since it is easy to use and fabricates high-quality linking. It is recommended that you try out the professional version equipped with additional features for improving networking. Beyond the regular practices and activities like screen sharing, file sharing, chating, Adobe connect offers content engagement. It allows and encourages learners through collabaration and interactivity.

4. Nefsis

You will enjoy coursing through features of Nefsis since it uses cloud computing technology. It offers an excellent display and quality of sound giving users a wonderful experience of communicating with one another. With single click the user can enter and participate in the meeting. It includes outlook integration and allows sending pop-up invitations actively.

5. Glance

Glance is a reliable web video conferencing system that is easy to understand and light in its approach. You can share your desktop with more than 100 contacts once you have this service loaded onto your computer systems. Have excellent interface operations in your offices. Thinking of improving your customer service management, this is the ideal way to gain recognition.

6. Skype Conferencing

Almost every individual you come across will have Skype downloaded onto their desktops. The basic version offers video conferencing apart from which you can also send files over to the recipient with excellent video quality. This video conferencing app or web application is not only used for business but also used for personal chating with family and friends. It can add up to 25 members in to a group call and helps the participants to collective talk each others.

7. OmNovia

OmNovia is one professional video conferencing service that offers to its users with amazing security facilities. It is highly recommendable for small staged meetings and conferencing that promotes easy communication due to its efficient speed. It offers automatic call recordings and replays that make an instance of any meeting or incident keeping you safe and updated.

8. SamePage

Connecting with the team in a single click is made easy with SamePage. It allows creating agendas and content for the project in the real-time enhancing the better experience in video conferencing. A group video call can add up to 15 members. It also offers a screen sharing option during the call. It reduces 60% of email noise, boosting the productivity. Post comments, assign tasks, create pages by integrating with other apps like Youtube, Skype, Salesforce, Slack, and so on.

9. ClickMeeting


Great things and meetings happening online require a set of team and a proper interaction. ClickMeeting collects up to 25 attendees and broadcasts upto 4 videos per session and allows sharing of media files and presentations. It scales up a minimum of 25-5000 attendees. It hosts 4 presenters and a Questionnaire and involves a set of tools that make engaging events successful. It helps managers and employee to grow constantly with innovative webinars.

10. Live storm

Live storm enables the business owners to participate and create live events and grow high that scale up the customer sales, content marketing, and training. For all the small-scale agencies, Live storm is one such video conferencing device that allows users to interact online. Live storm helps to share and transfer documents, images instantly. It makes the session of live video interaction easy and flexible with the recipients. On any web browser, or any desktop and works 100% without any restrictions.


Dig into every single features of every features of the above software for video conferencing. Depending upon the strength and the team capacity plan to purchase or install a software that works better for your meetings and projects.