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Top 10 Free Plagiarism Checker Tools

One of the most unique means of obtaining content that is completely and 100% original is known by using the free plagiarism checker websites. Such tools have been made available for the purpose that they help content writers and editors to ensure that the work isn’t copied from an online source. This provides the search engines to clearly rank the content without dusting it aside as being another copy. It is necessary to be an absolute original while you’re doing content writing since it fairly affects your ranking online.

Even though you might post such articles that are copied, the fact is that your work won’t be removed from the internet but it will not be considered by the search engine since it will give a copied result. Search engines refuse to promote such websites and blogs that contain material taken from other sources and pieced together. If you’re looking for free plagiarism scripts that don’t charge you extra for simply checking your content online, there are plenty of sites that provide such a service.

Writing an article that has been researched upon however is completely unique in its language, presentation and format will allow you to attract the search engine spiders and gain maximum visibility on the internet. So if you’re searching for a set of tools that will help you to check if your content is copied or not, here is a list of the 10 most famous free plagiarism checking websites.

Top 10 Free Plagiarism Checker Websites

1. Dupli Checker

Dupli Checker is known to be one of the best, this website allows you to check your content directly without undergoing any authentications. All you have to do is paste your texts into the box provided and obtain results instantly. It offers a free online detection gadget where there is no need to register yourselves on the website. Apart from simply checking the content for plagiarism, the site also provides a free grammar check.

2. Plagiarism Checker Tool



Another website that is known to be one of the best Online Plagiarism Check sites where you first have to register your accounts and then start your task. Consisting of a system where free services like plagiarism reports of a thousand pages may be provided. It accepts all kinds of file formats making it a versatile free tool for checking copied content in your article.

3. SearchEngineReports

Search Engine reports is a well-known website for checking whether the content is duplicate or owned by someother website. The information or content you submit to the google should be unique. If you’re thinking of checking quite a lot of pages, you should use this particular website since it is simple and provides a box that can check the certain quantity of text at a time.

4. Tuition

As the name suggests, Tuition has been present for a long time now and has become one of the very best plagiarism checking websites due to the fact that it checks your content in English and also provides online tuition classes. With exam preparation notes that are offered, you can certainly gain a lot from this site.

5. Copyscape

The articles you buy may be duplicated or stolen from different sites. Distributing them on your site can harm your fame and destroy your rankings. Ensure yourself by confirming all-new content with Copyscape, the creativity checking tool for your article.

6. Plagium

Free to use for all those who cannot afford to buy CopyScape, Plagium allows users to place their content into the box after which it scans the web seeking sources that might be related to your content. With a number of assets d.isplayed, the site provides additional information apart from the copied text.

7. Dustball

Known to be one of the simplest and best plagiarism checkers online, Dustball website allows users to have a completely free check in the first attempt. However three times more the accuracy, and then you might create your account and obtain the premium services for better results.

8. PlagScan

Different from PlagiarismCheck, this particular website PlagScan allows you to check documents, handouts, web pages and articles and is especially useful for authors and academic writers. The only drawback is that for a higher number of services you require registration and payment.

9. Small SEO Tools


One of the best in this list, SmallSEOtools site provides a number of assets other than plagiarism checking. You might rewrite your article and use tools like backlink maker, link tracking, and Google ranking check. All of which are free to use, unlike some other websites that charge for additional services.

10. Easy Bib

Thinking of checking your content on a free plagiarism script then you’ve landed at one of the best spots. One of the best assets of Easy Bib site is that it doesn’t retain the content that you provide. It takes its quantity time to scan the content and offer results however it only supports particular kinds of formats making it limited in its usage.


All the tools that are listed above help you to know the unique and valid content. A general approach to all the tools has to be made, so as to know the best suitable tool that makes your work simple and accurate.