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Top 10 Keyword Research Tools

The internet is vast and during the process of web designing and development, the content you place must have the keywords that are used frequently. Depending upon the type of information or service that you wish to market to clients on the web, keyword research tool will give you an idea about the type and kind of keywords that are being used a lot. This will give an idea of what changes must be made to your content to gather maximum traffic and recognition. Keyword research tools therefore efficiently help you gather information about competition as well. By using this tool you can find out which keywords are popular on a website and similarly optimize your web pages to gain extreme traffic.
Using this useful tool that has been generated for the purpose of increasing your marketing skills, keyword research aims at improving your ranking online. You will gain all the search engine optimization techniques that you wish to understand about keyword usage and popularity. The purpose of introducing such tools is that while building a website one of the most important things to do is to generate a list of necessary keywords. If your website is much in demand already and you simply need updates this is the best form of gathering the latest information about keyword orientation.
Most of the keyword research tools are free however there are a few that do charge you monthly for usage. Though it might sound a hassle however the quality and the returns that you receive on such an investment can prove to be very efficient so long as you gain traffic.
The top 10 Keyword Research Tools are:

1. Market Samurai

Though expensive, Market Samurai is a great tool to gather information about the keywords being used the most. With a rank tracker module, this site provides excellent keyword rating skills that help to build the ranking of the web pages. If this doesn’t serve to satisfy your hunger, there are plenty more to try your hands on.

You can be able to get laser-targeted high traffic, low-competition, high-profit keywords that are available with a devasting accuracy. It helps in finding the golden opportunity that is unique in the marketplace whereas to avoid deadlines in the projects.

2. KWFinder

KWFinder is considered to be one of the very best tool that offers features out of which it organizes keywords with a keyword list, localize results for local keywords, find hidden long-tail keyword are the most efficient operations performed by KWFinder. With the advanced reporting, it stores the keywords that you wish to know about and provides future updates about its growing usage on the internet.

Considering keyword optimization, the most accurate keyword difficulty is known by this tool, it follows SERP analysis and SEO measures while providing keywords.

3. Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis gained over 10,000 unique visitors. This software is perfect if you don’t want to face complicated tools. It is meant specifically for beginners and offers keyword analysis to build your ranking through high-quality content.
It performs SEO health check-ups on websites and helps to reduce the technical mistakes that affect the ranking. It also helps in building quality backlinks and helps in finding the respective partners for your website.

4. Long Tail Pro Platinum

It is still considerably better that it offers keyword research and analysis. The competition might be heavy however you can gain information about your competitive websites through this tool.

The major feature of Long Tail Pro Platinum is that it calculates the keyword competitiveness in a 0-100 scale and lets you know the difficulty in the ranking parameter of Google. But in the Platinum level, you should provide SEOmoz API key for getting full access and to perform successful analysis that promotes the instructions further for free.

5. SEO Spyglass for Keywords

It is another really useful tool meant specially for experienced and professional websites. This tool offers to avoid any blockage from Google which is possible due to the presence of an auto-rotating proxy.

SEO Spyglass for keywords helps you in getting the anchor text that is used in the competitor’s site and the gives the information on how many inbound links for particular phrase or keyword. It reports on how many times the keyword is triggered in the titles of each page that links to the site.

6. Keyword Xtreme4

Keyword Xtreme4, a tool automatically designed in lessening the work of finding the long tail keywords. Find a number of untapped keywords that are being used on the internet and gain access into what is known as keyword phrases. This particular device, therefore, offers detailed information about keyword density of a site and helps you make the appropriate changes. At present, KeywordXtreme version 4 collects its data from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yahoo Video, Ask, Google Shopping, Nextag, Google Images, Google Play, Amazon, eBay, AOL, YouTube.

7. Keyword Ninja

Understand the importance of keyword research and analysis because Keyword Ninja tool will definitely scout the best sites and offer you an exclusive peek into the best and most popular keywords. You can also learn how to place the keywords in your content.

There is an opportunity in getting 1000s of keywords from the popular search websites like Bing, YouTube, Google, Amazon.

8. Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz keyword Explorer helps in knowing the detailed information about the targetted keywords. The details include total Keywords,total Volume, Average Monthly Volume, Average Difficulty, Average Organic CTR, Average Priority, Average My Score.

There is much to know that this tool offers to check image links, text links and several other parts of the site to offer to you a list of keywords that are much in demand. Once you have your set of keywords you can easily increase the reputation of your site through skilled optimization.

9. Speed PPC

This is an unusual keyword research tool that ensures the content is thoroughly analyzed. One of the best features of this tool is that it checks into the PPC advertisements put up to catch the high-density keywords such that you can improve the marketing potential of your site. Speed PPC helps in creating targeted campaigns insanely in minutes and helps effortlessly.

10. Semrush

Semrush helps to enhance results of PPC efforts by keyword grouping and management, by Ad strategy analysis and many more. It discovers the keywords that help you understand the competition in the Google or Bing in the top 100 list.

It particularly shows the percentage difficulty of the keyword that is seizing the competitor’s position in the major search engine Google and Bing.


Apart from the above tools, there are multiple free tools with valuable insights that help you in making data-driven decisions. Here the guesswork out of reality is to prioritize the content marketing endeavors according to the real data.
Simultaneously look into each tool and find out the unique feature that is best suitable for your requirement. Enable free trails in the starting and then with a little experience with the tool, purchase the advanced version so as to make your work simple.