Top 10 Live Chat Support Software

Managing a business online is one of the hardest forms of ensuring that your business remains prosperous. The progressive line of customers is never ending, however, what if you’re an IT based company that comes across a certain problem that your clients are facing. Not being able to troubleshoot this problem will cause your customers to leave behind a very negative review of your site’s services.
As a customer, there is nothing more frustrating than having to come across issues but not being able to make the company aware of it. Hence the need for an automated service where you can interface successfully with your clients online becomes highly essential. If you’re a client lost in the world of recorded messages and awaiting help from the service company but you don’t receive it will not just disrupt your patience as a client but tends to make you feel like you’ve made a poor investment.
If you’re someone who is a part of an online based business then you should ensure that there are no loopholes present may it be with respect to marketing your business online or providing quality proof services. It doesn’t even matter how good your product is because if you don’t have the right customer services present to ensure that your clients obtain valuable solutions during emergencies when you’re slumped with poor quality service reviews. Such a negative feedback is not what you’re looking for so why waste time and effort in providing services when you don’t have a full proof plan?
This is where you ensure that you have live chat support software installed within your website so that you can chat with your clients online and offer services during times of need. The efficiency of live chat support software is that it presents customized tools to support your site and service. You can place an experienced back office team to cater to the calls of distressed clients and answer their questions without delay.

Below is the list of top 10 Live Chat Support Software:

1. Provide Support

One of the best and top on this list, Provide Support is apt at presenting tools that serve to make your communication better. Whether you want full bound sales or a strong support in communication with your clients, pick this software for easy access to client’s demands.

Till now, there are 10,000 companies who use Provide Support and has a huge profit variation in their business. For any small and medium businesses, it provides the best interface that every customer can boot their sales and earn higher returns.

2. Zendesk

Live chat support software offers Zendesk that allows you to improve your recognition on the internet. It offers innovative steps of embracing the clients that enter your domain for services and solutions.
Customers of Zendesk can make their purchase likely to reach a chat 3 times than regular. Messaging and live chat can create and manage the personal connection with the most likely customers. They create a space where there is no any interruption during the conversation.

3. Bold 360

Perfectly adequate for enterprises, this live chat support system invites a large number of clients to present their troubles. A professional access is what clients will gain once they step inside your chat room.
Bold 360 delivers a strong customer solution that is bind with the integration of both live chat agent and AI chatbot software. Every single action equipped by Bold360 delivers approximate results that drive insights faster and instant.

4. Website Alive

This is a completely hosted online source of a live chat support system that functions to improve your ranking and promote sales. With this software, you can easily define competition and improve your back office customer services.
Website Alive have 10,000 websites and they have trust to connect their clients. WebsiteAlive scales with the business from the Solopreneurs to the fortune 500 companies and organizations.

5. kayako

Kayako is a customer service software with an integrated help desk, live chat, shared inbox, and more that helps teams be more productive while delivering best customer service.

6. Live Person

It doesn’t matter how large your business is, Live Person is available for all and can provide chat rooms for any amount of visitors. It has a very good reputation for being one of the very best customer support systems available for your services.

7. Velaro


This software is adequate for corporate-based businesses online that serve to support client-based problems through excellent communication. Not only is this budget based but is robust in its services. Velaro is best in providing live chat management with a suite of reporting tools and actionable analytics designed to bring customer satisfaction and agent excellence. You can get real-time feedback and coachable moments to improve efficiency.

8. Live ChatInc

LiveChat system enables your customers to get online and chat with the servicemen presented to provide solutions for your problems. If you’re visiting a website and have any doubts about the services or delivery, feel free to use this modernized software website.

9. Who’s On

Another incredible live chat support system Whos On enables users to come online and explain their issues is who’s on. Improve your ranking instantly through this site that offers single scale conferences to a large audience based chat rooms.

10. ProProfs


As the name suggests you will obtain assistance in being able to connect with your clients through this flexible and efficient chat service. It ensures a unique user interface that allows you to assist customers with ease. ProProfs works on every web browser, Mac OS, Windows, Android, iPhone. All their customer communication is simplified and can be able to offer a chat support to have a great increase in conversions.


All the above mentioned Live Chat Support Software are anyhow available on the internet with the update of new and latest trends and prices. For a prosperous business management, any of the above live chat software can be helpful and remains as the best choices from the top software that render the same service.