Top 10 resources for twitter bootstrap themes

Twitter Bootstrap is a free source of the resource for tools that are used for creating web applications and websites. There are a plethora of websites which are available on the internet these days. So it becomes even more apparent that more and more people will take to the internet and try to create a website. Not everyone who does so are a professional website designer or HTML coding experts. Hence the presence of Twitter Bootstrap websites is a great resource for such people who are looking for a free utilization of these resources. Websites today are made up of a variety of coding languages. From HTML to other common languages earlier those who could only program using the coding language could create and maintain websites. Today with the help of Twitter Bootstrap website resources anyone with the most basic knowledge can create websites and web applications.
These contain HTML and CSS based templates that are used for design. They can be used for forms. Typography, charts, buttons, navigation as well as other interface components. Anyone can get the optional JavaScript extensions if needed. The basic information regarding the compatibility of the websites and the web applications are available freely for devices and other browsers. This is because of the concept of partial compatibility. This ensures that the basic information is made available for all browsers and devices.
There are a large number of Twitter Bootstrap website resources that are available on the internet. They are submitted by users or developed wholly by communities. They ensure that most of the features which are desired by the users are included in the same. From the list of Twitter Bootstrap resources, it is easy to come across websites that have tutorials as well as wire-framing kits. It is available to get access to custom generators that make the work much easier to carry out when developing websites and web applications.
Below are the top 10 resources for Twitter Bootstrap themes:

1. BootstrapTaste

BootstrapTaste is being taken from Twitter and enables to customize a wide range and impressive features of Bootstrap which remains as the best solution for any project. The effectiveness of this resources is that it can provide a set of beautiful and flexible bootstrap templates that can be used enormously.

The themes provided has a hosting availability and a demo can also be validated before confirmation. So it could be a better option in case of beginners.

2. Wrap Bootstrap

For any developer who is searching for the best suitable Bootstrap theme, Wrap Bootstrap can be suggested. Because they provide themes that can gain a lot of special income. The templates that are on their list are so far carted by many users. It provides an exceptional array of features and reusable elements that enable working in a flexible environment.

The themes that were displayed in their store are worthy enough to pay even in the initial stages of use. Some really go with the least prices and can be of many numbers and are used by many developers.


This resource is just like the Twitter’s own tool that allows to use simple interface and customize Bootstrap. This resource concentrates primarily on the design aspects. It can allow changing of colors, fonts etc.

There are different types of styles, generators, themes, templates that can be used for designing a better Twitter bootstrap. Creating the unique style and visibility among other is made simple by

4. TemplateMag

TemplateMag received honest reviews for their website templates. Modern and easy use templates for Bootstrap are available with them. For the front-end development, there is an elegant set of templates which can create responsive websites.

They regularly update their template so as to beat the trend. So be updated with them to get new templates that suit different categories of use.
Their license features are unique and the templates used can be of personal work or for business. The downloaded templates can be edited and customized according to the requirements of clients.

5. Beautiful Buttons for Twitter Bootstrappers

Beautiful Buttons for Twitter Bootstrappers is a relatively simple tool. Amazing looking buttons are used with the help of Twitter Bootstrap. There are only four sliders and a box that allows to copy results in this resource.

The source code is visible in the box that is varied with the change of style, font, etc. The perfect and confirmed source code can then be copied and used in the respective projects.

6. Bootswatch

Bootswatch is a Free themes software for Twitter Bootstrap. Bootswatch is a great resource that provides completely free bootstrap themes. It is quick and offers multiple color schemes as well as a typography setup.
There will not be any risk here, just add the CSS file into Bootstrap and start customizing from there. For better compatibility, the changes were saved into 2 SASS files.

Their themes are meant for the latest version of Bootstrap and are available ready for download. Most of their themes are beneath the MIT license and are supervised by the GitHub. API integration is available in use by BootSnap, NodeBB, and so on. It enables to stay updated via email, Tumblr, Twitter, or RSS feed.

7. Built with Bootstrap

This unofficial Tumblr is a great resource that showcases different websites that can and have been built using Twitter Bootstrap. Built With Bootstrap is the biggest moreover genuine style of websites, apps that is built using Bootstrap.

Trying out which style suits the website, Built with Bootstrap is ready to provide the needed.
The resource is very much interested to get projects who adopted front-end framework. Keenly, check the latest updates for knowing the most effective edge releases.

8. Theme Armada

This is a web development framework that is allowed to create great interfaces for the websites and web applications. This depends on the theme that is chosen for the website through any of the Twitter Bootstrap resources.
Theme Armada has themes that are suitable for many professionals and companies who want their respective projects to be bootstrapped. Their stylish approach can be liked by anyone and can be used easily.

New updates are released and are mentioned in their blogs. So it is suggested to follow their blog regularly. Many free themes were made available in the website and a few have to be purchased.

9. Font Awesome

Themes are just about the visual design that is apparent when someone looks at the website. The font of the website also plays a huge role in determining the design applied to the website or web application. This Twitter Bootstrap is an icon font. Font Awesome is a free Twitter Bootstrap resource. It has a huge database of 150 icons and more. This is definitely one of those resources that is loved by everyone and grown widely among the world.

It helps to make the website look interesting with the social logos, vector icons. It is an open source and is can be used for commercial purposes.

10. JumpStartThemes(MVP Ready)

This is a simple and very easy to use resource for the professional and startup business base of Twitter Bootstrap. It is a collection of essentials that are significantly used to reduce the time in development in any project.

Start enabling the customized components and ready-made pages to create a new start to the project. Jumpstarttheme has flexible databases, custom validation, Notification Center, Time and date adjuster, more than 8 charting components, and more.


With all the discussion above in knowing the best resource for Twitter Bootstrap Themes, it can be concluded that the resources are available in many aspects and features but then selecting the best suitable and flexible resource is a tough job.
Bootstrap in the future has a better growth and is continued as one of the best strategies that surely provide appreciate frameworks. Keep up with the market and evolve the best theme that is suitable.