Top 10 Scripts for Galleries and Slide Shows

Pictures are an important part of today’s life. In today’s world where everything is on the web, pictures play an important demonstrative role for services, places and buying and selling of goods. Obviously, one picture is not enough to satisfy your requirements. This gives rise to the need of implementing picture galleries in your websites, blogs and web pages.

Creating galleries online requires precision and coding which would require you to spend a lot of time and money. This work is done easier by scripts. These scripts are written for the sole purpose of enabling you to create online image galleries and slideshows. These scripts enable you to put up pictures, make galleries, host slide shows with relative ease within minutes. The gallery scripts also improve brand marketing. It is an affordable way of getting your website recognized on the market. It makes your website unique and more competitive. The galleries on your website let more people see what you have to say along with reading your content thus letting you reach out to more people.

List of the Top 10 Scripts for Galleries and Slide Shows



Shadowbox is a platform that works similar to an Internet-based image-video viewer. It works fine in all the Internet popular audio/video formats. It is an application created with JavaScript and CSS and is extensively customized. One of the benefits of this application is- it supports web resource generators to establish and operate their media prominently in any successful Internet browsers.


FlexSlider is a fully responsive jQuery slider. It is simple and semantic markup application that is supported in many of the biggest browsers. It is responsible for making the vertical/horizontal slide and fade creations. and has support in multiple sliders and callback API. It has best hardware touch swipe and options in custom navigation. It is compatible in any latest versions of jQuery.


Minishowcase is very simple to use and does not require you to configure the gallery although the option has been provided. It is simple and functions on Java and PHP. It don’t require any coding and is powered by Ajax.

Ajax Photo Gallery

Ajax Photo Gallery  is one of the most efficient scripts as it does not refresh the page to insert the new image. It is free to use and runs on AJAX system. It allows you to create any custom gallery with an interesting slideshow. It offers drag and drop options that makes your work simple and easy.

Zen Photo

Zenphoto is a gallery script which puts up simple photos up reducing a lot of traffic. It not only gives you all the needed features but is extremely user-friendly and easy to use.

Nivo Slider

Nivo Slider allows 16 development effects that include slicing and sliding and fading and folding, creating interactive and fun galleries. It doesn’t require any technical code to create beautiful experiences. Image sliders are known to make pages and posts simple and accurate. It has automatic image cropping and resizing options that allow customizing of the image to any specific size and shape. It reduces the time and helps in creating responsive and mobile-friendly image sliders.

Slightly ThickerBox

Slightly Thickerbox script allows you to generate the next image and previous image links. It also supports a function which allows you to create a group of galleries as you want to enable a better experience.


Colorbox is a simple, manageable and customizable lightbox plugin( jQuery). It is compatible with jQuery 1.3.2+in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer 7+. It supports grouping, photos, Ajax, iFramed content, inline, and slideshow. All its appearance is controlled by CSS and is restyled. It can be extended with event-hooks and callbacks without changing the original source file.


Imago is from Ajax Image Gallery that shows pictures of any choice. No matter where the photo is, Imago has that ca[acity of showing them in a proper way. It doesn’t require any flash, scripting, only it requires CSS and Javascript to display pictures. With CSS, you can be able to edit and customize the image of any size and resolution.


All the Image galleries are popularly used by web designers and internet users to publicize and utilize images of different formats in the websites or blogs. The common advantage of all the above software applications is that they are maintained under Javascript.