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Top 10 SEO Tools To Optimize Your Website

In today’s world, the importance of the internet is undeniable. SEO solutions give the client an edge to beat the competition. SEO is a method which assists search engine to locate and rank your site from other sites to the search query. However, there is some secrecy of exactly how Google assesses website and eventually decides sites to show for the search queries. Thus SEO helps you to get traffic from the search engines. All the webmasters believe that SEO has become one of the most powerful attributes for websites, so there are many SEO attributes which provide dedicated and secured SEO reports to the websites.
Here is the list of top 10 SEO tools, having real-time services with adequate service required for a perfect run of your website.

1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console reports and tools generally measure site’s performance and traffic. It is also helpful in fixing the issues and helps in making your website rank on the top of Google SERP. It is known to analyze and see which queries attract the audience and get an exact report of clicks, reports, and site position on the search page.

You can submit your website URLs and sitemaps for indexing and for ensuring fresh index coverage. When an issue is identified, you will be notified by an alert. You can later generate a review over it.

2. Webimax

Webimax is on the top position in the listing because of delivering quality service and excellent traffic to its client to boost their business process. If it is about your service you can get assured with their SEO & Hosting packages including appropriate services suits your business.

Webimax has been stood as the best online reputation management service in 2018. It provides Industry leading SEO services, dedicated internet marketing managers, result driven customized strategy, and provide detailed reporting and complete transparency.

3. Hubspot Website Grader

Hubspot Website Grader is one which provides a straightforward result for the website submitted. A specific report is generated when you enter your website URL in the column provided. A Separate score is given on mobile friendliness, SEO, performance, and security. It helps you in getting recommendations for improving its score. Hubspot Website Grader is simple and quick. It is available for free and deserves attention in obtaining the results.

4. Moz Pro

Moz pro finds website errors, competitive research and gives you insight. They have an excellent learning center that enables you to connect with the industry experts in the Moz Community whenever needed.
It is powered by the leading SEO metrics including Domain Authority and Page Authority which gives quality data. It saves time and streamlines the workforce.

3. Seovalley

Seovalley implements strategic SEO that boosts your website to rank on top relevantly with High-ROI search phrases that exactly match the queries of potential customers. Their speciality is to deliver profits in terms of SEO. It will give you maximum traffic. It believes that the client needs to have extraordinary facilities for its business promotion. It includes all type of SEO Packages & Web Hosting Solutions.

4. Seotonic

Seotonic Company provides you a reliable and affordable service which is 100% trusted from global business management units. To enhancement in your business this company gives more online traffic to the client and makes a unique identity in the mind of target customers.

5. Wlmarketing

WLmarketing company provides a vast space for web applications of all major platforms. The great reliability and nice support make web hosting services more effective and impressive. They like to work on different worldwide online web applications.

6. Connectionmodel

Connectionmodel is an inexpensive service-based company having all type of services that work on complete digital marketing strategies. Their custom-dashboards are proven to show real-time results. It increases the performance of the servers. This provides the vast majority of users which will be directed to your website and this increases the traffic. It helps in driving quality leads to your company.

7. Enleaf

Enleaf does a good job of combination very high technology features with excellent customer support. It gives the best brand for promoting your business with the right sense. Your brand will be promoted by right experience & tactics to ensure right presence & traffic. An experienced SEO team will be offered to promote your business proposals online

8. Ontolo

Ontolo is a tool that is used to find SEO and marketing opportunities. It helps you in finding guest posting sites list and backlinking opportunities which an automated tool can do. Its main goal is to find traffic beyond the keyword research.

Backlinks are essential for making your website authoritative but searching for the best opportunity is a bit tricky. Ontolo helps you find opportunities regardless of keywords you enter. It has a potential in finding prospects from 80 sources.

9. Linkody

Linkody is everything about backlinks. It finds the root of backlinks and checks which keywords are used and allows you to regret the unnecessary backlinks. Quality backlink report is generated using Linkody. The generated backlinks can be sent to the clients and even share among the social websites and can integrate with Google Analytics. For link building, this tool is best suitable for any niche business. It is cheaper to use and responsible for do-it-all services.

10. BuzzStream

BuzzStream provides you with a collection of different tools with domain research, project management, email marketing. It is an all-in-one platform that provides sheer options on SEO. BuzzStream finds the keyword list, domain age, available social media accounts, domain authority and more.

With this, you can find the most prospective client and their research criteria to keep updated with their strategies.


All the above-mentioned tools help you in making your website rank on the top of search results. Every tool in the article is uniquely responsible for providing the results based on the traffic that improves the SEO ranking. Domain authority and the age of the website are also known clearly to perform successful SEO for any website. No one knows exactly what google indexes and determines the best website to be ranked on 1st of the search page. So, it is suggested to concentrate on every aspect of SEO that probably brings your site onto the top results page.