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Top 10 Sites Providing Best and Free Stock Photos

Launching and maintaining a website are two different sides of the same coin. Launching may require you to deal with initial planning like the web hosting company, the niche of your website and so on. Once you get over with this, you need to maintain your website with quality content and original images. Now you can hire writers for generating content for you. But what about photography? Obviously, the problem is the entire more if you don’t know the initials of that. You have to in that case look for some secondary medium through which you can get the photos with copyright along with them.
There are various websites available on World Wide Web working especially for this purpose. Such websites provide you with photos and images which can be utilized by you for your websites providing you with the full copyrights. However, having a look over such websites will soon make you realize that such images are out of your budget due to the huge price that they charge. But there are also certain websites which provide you with top quality images and photos for free. They serve as an ideal source for all the photographers looking for the work.
We have here provided you with top 10 websites to get free stock images making the work easier for you.


Stock.xchg is website being launched by some Hungary people in 2001. The site offers you a huge collection of pictures and images. They have a huge pool of more than 350,000 images being contributed to them by 30,000 photographers. The only negative point of getting photos from this site is that they are well known and you may end up discovering the same image at many places within your niche.

Freerange stock

The goal of Freerange stock website is to provide photos and images for free to both commercial and non-commercial organizations. They simply share their collection with the people just in the hope that people like and enjoy it. The website is provided by the photos by an in-house professional team of photographers. The image is then perfectly edited in terms of sharpness and color and is properly tagged by the professional photographers of the website. The website’s main goal is to provide you with quality photos rather than quantity so the collection is not that vast.


Morgefile is a reliable and trusted site being used popularly by various web designers and professionals. The site at present contains more than 9,148 pages each having 24 photos on each page. Such a huge pool of photos can be easily managed by the search tool present there according to the keywords you are searching for.


Pixabay is a group of creatives, copyright videos, and images which are free. All the images are available under the Creative Commons CC0 which enable them to be safe even in commercial cases. About 1.5 million royalty-free stock images are available at present. It provides a complete documentation on API. You can download images and videos in any format that is convenient for you.

Free media Goo

Free media Goo site was being developed by web developers and thus is basically used by web developers. It provides both flash and audio stock photos. In addition, you can also get audio, text, and flash. However, the only drawback is that the collection is too small and you may find the photos a little bit amateurish too.


Openphoto created by Michael Jastremski and is accepting photos since 1998 and thus obviously possesses a good collection. You can have a look over them by searching the photographs through tags in which photo is associated with one tag only so the results would be very much confined.
their general collection includes architecture, art, animals, commented images, events, description, flowers, food, landscape and what not everything that is usually used in our daily life.


Flickr is the popular site inhibiting lots of photos. It serves as a marketplace for both professionals and amateur photographers. It has been evolved in a myriad way which is made easy and effective for you to use.

Flickr Blog helps you know about the latest updates and trending developments of their interface and users. It is also used to store images and videos of individuals who like to back up their photos for a longer duration.


Stockvault possesses about 16,000 stock photos from about 4,000 photographers. The photos provided are properly licensed. The images are tagged within a proper keyword.

This website allows professional photographers and artists to share and upload their artwork. It has a huge collection of flower photos, beautiful landscapes, computer objects, electronics, and food. It also has gathered a combination of textures like dirt, grunge, paint, rock, wood, liquid, plastic, rusty, metallic and so many backgrounds. All their images and vectors are available for free.


The photos provided here, as the website name suggests are themed on space. However, the collection is too large. NASA has a new picture library that combines imagery scattered across 60 samples within one searchable location. Users are allowed to add custom resolution images along with the content associated with the images including the camera/EXIF data.


Gratisography is the world’s best website that provides high-resolution images that are compressed of creativity and that just fit for your need. These images are free in copyright restrictions. This website has access to browse world-wide photos.

This website has a uniqueness of providing images page by page which could be selected according to the business need or expression. Most of the images are inoffensive, attractive, and sharply dressed.


All these sites tend to provide the best photos at affordable rates. You can go through them and suit the one which fulfills your needs and requirements the most. You should always go through the licensing property and through the copyrights before purchasing in order to avoid any type of infringement and to have clean and legal purchasing.