Top 10 Web Design Blogs That Can Help Designers Set Up A Successful Career

Most web designers feel a bit confused every time they have to start designing a website from scratch. In such a scenario, having a basic design layout to start work can prove really helpful. This is where web design blogs come in quite handy as they prove extremely helpful in overcoming what is commonly known as a designers block. Since it is not unusual for designers to run out of ideas, such blogs can really boost their creativity by giving a new direction to their imagination.
The most essential aspect of web design blogs is that they help market the skills of the designers. A well-designed blog goes a long way in helping designers reach out to a greater number of clients, in addition to establishing an efficient and dependable marketing platform. Given below is the list of top ten web design blogs that can help in ensuring phenomenal success for website designers.
Vandelay Design Blog: Generally lists form an integral part of any website design, which is why Vandelay Design Blog offers a wide range of lists to use in a website. Designers can choose a great collection of unique as well as well multi-level lists, which are good enough to enable them to overcome any design complication.

1. Noupe

Noupe has been known to provide an all-round solution for various website design issues including those related to web and print. Having recently been overtaken by Smashing Magazine has in no way diminished its popularity as a great web design blog for designers of all levels. Six Revisions: Six Revisions has a really great mix of topics ranging from tutorials and tips to freebies and general humor.

2. Outlaw Design Blog

Even though the cowboy theme is rarely used in website design, there is no better web design blog than Outlaw Design Blog specializing in this specific niche. Its unique visual approach to the theme as well as the consistent maintenance of originality and quality of design and content makes it one of the most valuable and user-friendly web design blogs availed by designers.

3. Abduzeedo

For designers seeking not only good designs but also high-quality content, Abduzeedo is the web design blog to choose. With artistically aware writers and designs from across the globe, it is really not easy to find a web design blog that can outdo Abduzeedo in terms integrating content quality with feasible and attractive designs.

4. UX Booth

Most often designers only concentrate on creating an appealing and user-friendly design for their clients. This makes them ignore the extremely important aspect of ensuring web usability of the design. For designers, who want to learn more about the attitude of visitors exploring a website or even need a great resource for UX articles, UX booth is most definitely the best reference point.

5. Go Media Zine

It is well-known fact that good content is critical for the success of any website and this holds true for web design blogs as well. Over the past couple of years, GoMedia Zine has earned a reputation for putting up write-ups that are not informative but also offer a great reading experience. In addition, the blog is also well known for offering a wide range of high-quality free offers to its users.

6. Web Design Ledger

The one thing that makes Web Design Ledger stand apart from other web design blogs is the originality of the content provided by them. None of the write-ups appearing on their website are published on any other site across the World Wide Web, which is an achievement in itself.

7. Colorburned

Although Colorburned provides all the usual features of web design blogs, their biggest USP is the interactions with web designers from across the globe. This provides novice designers with an opportunity to understand the working styles of their peers and competitors from all corners of the world. In addition, they might get new ideas to explore and experiment with thus widening the scope of their creativity.

8. Build Internet

Build Internet enables web designers to understand the business aspect of their website designing. The well-written blog posts provide information about a wide range of issues including the maintaining client relationships and setting up the budget for a project.

9. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is founded in 2006 in Germany and is delivering the most reliable and useful articles to the web developers and designers. They follow only the actual projects which work finely. They don’t believe in trends. They relay independently and deliver quality knowledge related to web development in detail. The company has a passionate and dedicated team who are responsible for providing quality service.

10. WebDesignerDepot

WebdesignerDepot is termed as the heart of the web design interface which is trendy these days. It is founded in 2008 and witnessed a huge change in its adoption and stood as the industry standard that raised its visibility and web presence. The company has strong goals in making their future realistic as AR, VR, counter-trend, CX, trend, bots take the way off like a storm.


Web design blogs like the ones mentioned above prove to be an extremely important and helpful tool for designers to create a niche for themselves and showcase their skills in an efficient and hassle-free manner.