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Top 10 Web Hosting Providers In Canada

Choosing a proper web hosting company is an integral part of maintaining your website. In order to run your business online, you need to make up an online copy of your business. You need to make up a website, for making your website visible to users on the World Wide Web. A proper web hosting company is needed to host your website. Web hosting company also finds its importance later on when you host your website and facing bad server can repel your customers permanently.
Finding the best hosting company out of a pool of companies available today is a difficult task. To normalize your choices, you need to select companies on the basis of various parameters like that of data center locations, customer service quality, guaranteed uptime, and cost. Cost is also one of the important factors which should not be ignored. There are companies which will charge you too much that you can think of hosting two websites in that amount! Yes, that’s true! Here we have a list of top 10 web hosting companies of Canada which will lessen your troubles. Let’s have a look.

Accu Web Hosting

AccuWebHosting is a top-notch and primary hosting provider across the globe. They have over seven primary data center locations, and one of them is in Canada. The company has over 55+ thousand hosted websites, and they have excellent customer support working around the clock 24/7. They offer the latest hardware, complimentary back-ups, free migration, and much more. AccuWebHosting is a complete super-pack hosting company that provides a perfect solution for hosting services.


Peer1 is the leading company in the field of web hosting in Canada. It has 7 data centers in Canada. The company has the efficient manpower and highly secured and guarded datacenters which will make it sure that your web information is properly encrypted on the servers. Peer1 takes the security uses quite seriously and thus the company has properly locked off and well-protected datacenters which can be accessed only by the concerned authorities.


With 4 data centers, iWeb is one of the top web hosting companies which are present in Canada. Communication is never a problem with this company as it provides toll-free phone access from 40 counties in addition to 24 x 7 chat and email support to its clients.


With 1 datacenter in Canada, EZP is also another top web hosting provider. The company is popular amongst its clients or good handling capacity and the perfect team support which handles the project right from beginning to end. The hardware used by the company is technically fast, properly tested and assembled.

Canadian web hosting

Canadian web hosting came into existence in  1998. The main aim of the company is to meet the requirements and satisfaction of the customers. It does so by opening the company 365 days of the years and even on holidays.


Webserve has 3 data centers in Canada. The network operation center of webserve is guarded and administered by the concerned people responsible 24 x 7 thus striving hard to fulfill all your expectations and provide you with top quality service.

Just hosting

Just hosting is also another Canada based web hosting company. It has all its equipment on two secured and well-protected datacenters which are located on Montreal and Quebec of Canada.


Site5 knows the dilemma clients go through with before choosing a web hosting plan which can serve their ends well. To help its customers in this, Site5 has developed a wizard of its own which helps in guiding people.


Netfirms is one of the top companies which provide various services linked with domain name search, Ecommerce web hosting, e-marketing services and web hosting with more than 12.2 million online websites, it is one of the most successful companies of the market.


Blacksun is known for its high quality, reliable and best web services. You are no more required to have and gain all the technical knowledge which is required for proper sustaining your website as all these things are well-taken care by Blacksun.


Make your website safe and free on GreenGeeks. This platform enables you to enjoy a better hosting with its quality and reliable options and affordable prices.

It was launched in 2008 and remained as one of the best eco-friendly web hosting providers enabling thrice the energy with a great worldwide workforce and have customers from 150 countries.


Hopefully, within the range of Canada, the above are the web hosting providers that provide best customer experience and has been reviewed and rated by the experts in web hosting and development market. Not only for Canada many of the above provide worldwide services.