Top 11 Crypto APIs to Use in Your Financial Project

Looking for the best solution to manage your cryptocurrency operations? Wondering how to design a website or an application supporting crypto deals? We’d like to present you the best crypto APIs to meet the needs your financial project might have. Those mentioned below are all great, so you could choose the most optimal service for yourself.

We shall start without further ado.

# Brave New Coin

Brave New Coin, or simply BNC, shall be the first one to start. The company analyzes thoroughly the blockchain assets taking into account multiple industries and activities. BNC is relatively young, but its achievements and success allow the company to be a confident leader.

BNC conducts cryptocurrency researches and offers programmers data to figure out trading ideas and concerns. Those details serve to build greater web resources and apps.

# Blockchain Info

It makes sense that an API with such a name would grant access to blockchain data. Blockchain Info makes it possible to carry out diverse activities with cryptocurrencies, mainly with Bitcoins. Hence, by means of the mentioned API programmers are happy to build crypto apps and websites in a simple and efficient way.

The main functionalities of Blockchain Info stated below shall reflect what API based solutions could be designed and what possibilities those might have.

Blockchain Info advantages:

  • stronger data security;
  • regular feedback;
  • client data privacy;
  • multiple products available.

# Bitcoinity

Are you a developer looking for a free-of-charge API for your solution? If yes, then Bitcoinity is exactly what you need. Moreover, you might be happy to know that Bitcoinity is capable to support large quantities of requests.

Bitcoinity is offering the following:

  • averaged bitcoin price taking data from multiple sources;
  • possibilities to manage fiat currencies, like, CAD, CNY, etc.;
  • the ability to convert bitcoins into any currency;
  • conversion rate availability;
  • constant data updating and more.

# BitcoinAverage

Such an open-source API compiles statistical data on cryptocurrency markets, as well as exchange details. The data received is used to create graphs reflecting today’s and historical prices, trading volumes of currencies, etc.

BitcoinAverage deals with over 500 different cryptocurrencies. The idea is to facilitate developers’ life, so they could apply APIs for accessing BitcoinAverage info sources, for instant, exchanges or crypto markets.

# CoinAPI

An API in question is designed for programmers who need permanent online access to crypto market data for building their web resources and apps.

Wondering what kind of data we’re talking about? Here are a few examples for you:

  • exchange rate;
  • contact units;
  • stock quotes;
  • strike prices;
  • OHLCV.

CoinAPI cooperates with around 200 exchanges, supporting almost 7.000 assets. Moreover, it grants 55 terabytes of historical databases.

# Nomics

Here is an analytical crypto company that exists since 2018. Have you heard of Coinbase Ventures and Digital Currency Group? They are Nomics’ investors. The key demographics of the platform are significant traders who’d like to know a realistic picture of the industry.

Nomics is already successful, and still, it keeps evolving. Its newest Transparent Volume update presents the impact of trading volumes’ credibility on crypto exchanges.

The API provides free features, however, when looking for more advanced possibilities, it would make more sense to select its paid package.

# CoinCap

The solution engages with the crypto market as well. Developers will enjoy it since the service provides data on prices and exchange activities. It deals with over 1.000 cryptocurrencies, and that number is really impressive.

The service is designed to collect data from multiple exchanges. The details received are to present a complete vision of assets’ current conditions. It’s critical to know its true price, availability and the like. Programmers developing web sites and apps are happy to take advantage of all CoinCap API possibilities to achieve the desired.

# CryptoCompare

When looking for a solution to manage investment portfolios, you can apply CryptoCompare, since it’ll do the job. That’s such a great tool for those willing to make some investments into cryptocurrency, so they need to know if certain transactions will turn profitable.

CryptoCompare analyzes data received from the greatest international crypto exchanges, to be more specific it works with 65 of them. Then the results are presented as visual charts reflecting the latest market conditions.

Thanks to its key features developers can build a website having full access to crypto rates stats. The profitability of a specific cryptocurrency could be easily calculated as well. Here are more details.

# CoinGecko

Do you prefer to stay updated on the latest news in the crypto sector? If yes, take a closer look at CoinGecko that provides an in-depth analysis of the industry key points.

It’s been functioning since 2014, and nowadays the service is proud of its one-of-a-kind approach to rate cryptocurrencies, thus, providing the most accurate crypto data. Obviously, the API offered by CoinGecko could be applied by developers to use cryptocurrency details to their best advantage when developing websites.

Speaking of which, let’s distinguish some of CoinGecko API benefits:

  • It’s a free-of-charge solution;
  • The service encompasses a great database with info on over 250 crypto exchanges;
  • The data is very diversified, accurate and reliable.

# Coinbase

The service is actually one of the best crypto exchanges. It was started in 2012, and in 2014 GDAX – which is the Global Digital Asset Exchange – was presented. It’s about digital asset trades since the solution gives possibilities for exchanging Bitcoin & Ether to fiat currencies.

Having its headquarter in San Francisco, at the beginning Coinbase was operating in the US market only. Nowadays, service functions in different countries all over the world.

The platform provides multiple advantages, and one of them is the possibility to access the service’s functionalities by means of 3rd party solutions, no matter if they’re new or already active. Traders prefer to apply the mentioned API to ensure their web resources will support crypto operations.

# CoinMarketCap

And last but not least.

CoinMarketCap is an in-demand solution allowing track ongoing market conditions, latest volumes, unit prices, and so on. It’s truly popular since it deals with more than 1.600 various cryptocurrencies.

Such an API grants a clear and safe connection, and there’s no need to get integrated with wallets. However, transaction functionalities aren’t provided.

Crypto APIs serve to be convenient and useful tools to manage cryptocurrencies online. You have multiple great options to choose from and create an impressive service of yours. Enjoy it!