Voice Integration: Why Alexa Succeeds Where Many Others Fail

When it comes to the introduction of certain gimmicky leaps forward in technology, it is often no wonder why they end up falling flat. For example, as early as the eighties people tried to integrate motion control and virtual reality into tech applications such as videogames and other forms of media. For as far back as most can remember, most attempts to make use of a virtual reality headset often only resulted in a trend that died out as quickly as it was introduced.

That said, virtual reality is slowly making waves again – but will it succeed this time? The same question can be asked with regards to voice integration, as Alexa is building popularity as an excellent virtual assistant. However, the difference is that Alexa has the perfect platform to work with.

The right place at the right time

The world of Android TV app development – and app development in general – has slowly but surely become a part of everyday life. You will rarely see anyone without their smartphone, making use of the latest apps to enhance their life further. From transportation to food, you can get most amenities from a few simple swipes.

That said, what if you replace those swipes with your voice? What if you did not need to search for anything to get what you wanted? What if all you had to do was ask Alexa for help? Alexa was introduced to the world at the right place at the right time when the use of voice commands can complement the vast library of apps out there.

Alexa skills for everyone

One of the reasons why some apps tend to succeed where others fail is that they offer more to the masses than their competitors. When it comes to Alexa, it offers just about everything you can think of, as voice requests can be integrated into just about everything. Examples include:

  • Alexa skills for kids and the family. From the use of Alexa alongside a smart TV or the latest video game console all the way to being integrated with specific essential functions around the house, Alexa can build the house of the future at no extra cost. The integration of Alexa into the modern amenities of the everyday home means that convenience is something that can be achieved by any family.
  • Alexa for business at every level. At an individual level, you can have Alexa act as a virtual secretary of sorts. It can remind you of certain essential meetings, as well as make your responsibilities easier due to voice integration. That said, from a company standpoint, Alexa can incorporate its tech into business software, which could very well change the way your brand is experienced. As far as virtual assistants for the business landscape goes, Alexa’s potential is as of yet untapped.

The reason why Alexa succeeds where others fail is due to its ability to integrate into most everyday apps. All you need is the right developer with the right skill, and you will undoubtedly make waves with Alexa.