Web Design Before Content: Why Web Design is Important For Business Growth

If you were to conduct a basic Google search of what it takes to grow your online business, page after page of information would pop up on marketing. Ultimately, it makes perfect sense because the only way to actually grow your business is to acquire new customers and get current ones to make more purchases. But in order to acquire new customers, you, of course, have to get people on your site, but in order to turn them into customers, you have to get them to stay on your site long enough to make a purchase… this happens with great web design.

You’re probably thinking, the product is what makes visitors stay on a site but that’s where you’re wrong… it’s the appearance of the site itself that initially makes people stay on the site. Think of it like this… When you enter the world of dating, you’re not going to know a person when you first meet them but based on whether or not you find that person attractive or not is going to determine if you want to get to know that person. That may seem shallow and extremely superficial but it’s the reality of it… it will always be “beauty before brains.”

In the world of web design, that same theory applies. The way a person views your site is going to determine whether or not they want to explore it further, which ultimately determines if they’re going to make a purchase or not… So, in other words, web design before web content.

You, of course, will need to do the important things like finding funding for your business and make sure it’s insured and well-marketed but you also want to make sure you put just as much effort into the design of your website as you would into your marketing efforts. Just imagine putting in all that work to bring millions of people to your site only to have them immediately leave because your site looked like an unsecure site.

According to Forbes, your website looking outdated is the number one reason why companies need to redesign their website and it’s a major reason why companies have a drop in traffic. So, if you’re looking to grow your business, take a second look at the design of your site… it could be time for a website makeover. Check out this list of web design companies for inspiration and find out why redesigning could be the saving grace for your online business

Why Your Website Needs Great Web Design

Your Business Will Be Able to Keep Up With Competition

As an online business owner, the last thing you need is to be stuck in the sand while everyone else is running the race! Yes, you were taught to always be a leader and not a follower, but in the world of e-commerce survival, you’re going to want to be somewhat of a follower just in order to keep up with your competitors!

Keeping up with your competitors doesn’t necessarily mean following their every move but if your competitors switched to bold font and their traffic has increased, then you might need to consider switching your font to see if you have an increase in traffic… if your competitors have web applications for their various products, then you need to look for web developers so that your business can have web applications that lead to your products as well…

It may sound like a “copycat” move but it’s truly not… it truly is survival of the fittest. You have to make the necessary changes to make your business stand out in a sea of competitors… the secret is to see what your competitors are doing and do it better than them.

Your Business Will Make a Great First Impression

It’s always been said that first impressions are everything and that really is true. You shouldn’t necessarily make your final judgment on something based on a first impression but unfortunately, lots of people do. That’s why you want to get things right the first (as best as you can).

It only takes a few seconds for a visitor to check out your site and determine that they don’t like it and immediately leave, based on how it looks. With great web design, visitors will linger on your site and eventually either make a purchase or subscribe. From color choices, font size, and usability, that’s all going to not only play a role in your site’s bounce rate but it’s also going to add some great advantages to making your web design responsive.

Your Business Will Build User Trust

When your website looks unsafe or like it will give a computer a virus, people will not stick around to find out! If your business has any type of awards, seals of achievement, or recognition, place them in plain sight of your website so that visitors will feel assured in knowing that your site is safe. Any type of positive reviews or testimonies you have, post them as well.

When you showcase any of these trust-building elements, visitors to your site are going to trust that their personal information and credit card information won’t get compromised and will have a better feeling about buying from you.