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What are the most used tools of mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing has revolutionized the world of business. It has given new insight into effective marketing. These days mobile marketing is on a surge. There is hardly any business around the world that is not taking advantage of mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing, in combination with Push notifications in the form of Android push notifications and iOS push notifications, has proven its worth. This is the reason why no marketing strategy is counted as effective without push notifications.

But, that’s not a complete story. There are many tools without which mobile marketing can’t able to yield fruitful results. To help you out on the same, most used tools of mobile marketing are presented here.

  1. Google Analytics: This era is an era of technology. Businesses and customers produce a lot of data. This data is created during a customer-business interaction. It doesn’t matter which platform is used for interaction, but data is data and is useful.

Anytime a customer engages with your platform for any purpose a lot of data is generated. This data gives you information about the customers and their interests. But with so many touchpoints, collecting data is a difficult process.

For collecting, organizing, and analyzing user data, Google provides you with Google Analytics. It provides you with necessary and organized data to engage customers on your platform.

  1. Google My Business and Yelp: When it comes to Review sites, they are crucial for both business and customers. It provides valuable information to the customers. It allows customers to make the right decision by spending money on trusted and rated platforms.

From a business point of view, Google My Business and Yelp provide crucial information to potential customers. They provide customers with the store’s address, contact information, opening hours, menu, services, and much more. Customers use this information to reach platforms easily with trust.

  1. Facebook and Instagram Mobile ads: According to “Statista” currently there are 1.69 billion global Facebook users and 854.5 million global Instagram users. Another factor is, most of the people access these social media platforms through their mobile. It means one of the biggest platforms for advertising.

You can use this opportunity to reach the audience quickly and effectively. It is one of the cost-effective platforms for advertising. Not only this, but these platforms also provide you an opportunity of free advocacy through sharing links, posts, etc.

  1. AdMob by Google: One of the most crucial mobile marketing tools from Google. It is basically used for in-app marketing. It allows you to display different ads in your target application. Along with this, it also provides you with comprehensive analytics. It will help you with monitoring your ads’ performance.
  1. Push Notifications: Push notifications in the form of Android push notifications and iOS push notifications provide you a huge ability to reach people. It doesn’t matter in which part or corner of the world your audience resides. It just takes a single click from your device to reach all. It is one of the fast and effective tools for advertising.

Moreover, they can be personalized, organized, and timed as per your need. It means they fuel your marketing efforts and helps you with more sales. The other important factor of push notifications is rich media. You can use text, graphics, video, images, gifs, emojis, etc, to make them eye-catchy and effective.

  1. GetResponse: Are you in need of help with your marketing strategy? GetResponse is the one that you are looking for. It is a tool that responds based on the actions of customers. GetResponse tracks data coming in and out from your site. The responses and their triggers can be edited and personalized. It provides more accurate information related to customer’s behavior.
  1. Flurry: One of the leading mobile advertising platforms that enables you to build. measure and monetize mobile applications in a new app company. It provides you an ability to optimize mobile experience with better apps and more personalized ads.
  1. Appsflyer: An effective tool with a specialization in marketing analytics and mobile attribution. It helps you to track your mobile campaigns, monitor app engagement, provides information on installs, etc. It provides you the ability to make better marketing decisions by utilizing the power of data.

It helps you with multi-channel measurements, lifetime value reports, return of interest reports, A/B testing, social media integration, audience segmentation, location-based marketing, email marketing management, and so on.

Conclusion: When it comes to mobile marketing, there are a lot of tools and techniques. Businesses from all around the world know the power of using mobile marketing. But without the usage of tools, it is difficult to track progress. To help you out on the same, some of the most effective tools are presented. These tools will give a boost to your mobile marketing campaign.