What is a Vanity number and why is it important for business?

The most crucial part of a business is to promote itself. It helps in gathering a large group of potential clients. To promote one’s business and advertise their products, companies often purchase vanity numbers, so that people can contact them. These numbers are used by the customers to contact the company. These phone numbers are easy to memorize, due to which they are costlier than regular phone numbers. These numbers are significant in creating a brand image for an organization. A company can use vanity numbers for a nationwide or global audience. Since vanity numbers have already helped many businesses and companies in increasing organic customers, it has been in great demand ever since.

For an easier understanding of Vanity numbers, let’s have a look at a few examples. A vanity number can consist of numbers only or a mix of numbers and characters. For instance, if a person runs a flower business, he can opt for a vanity number like 1800-FLOWERS. Once a customer looks at this number, he or she will remember it the next time they need to purchase flowers. This combination of words is much easier for a person to know than a group of numbers. Another example of vanity numbers can be 1800-111-2222. This vanity number can be easily memorized and would strike the mind of customers as soon as they think about the services associated with this number.

A familiar doubt among people is that vanity numbers are costly. However, this is not true at all. Vanity numbers are easily available for individuals and companies to purchase at a great price. Apart from the cost, there are multiple advantages to getting a vanity number. A vanity number can be beneficial in attracting customers.

As per research data, using a vanity number to promote the services of a company can attract a higher number of potential customers. Not only this, but the conversion rate from a potential customer to a customer also increases. Companies have accepted that using a vanity number has increased their incoming calls by more than 300% or more.


The best part of using a vanity number is that it becomes a part of your companies identity. As soon as customers think about your services or company, the first thing that comes to their mind is the vanity number. Therefore, purchasing a vanity number for your business is very important if you want to make your company a known brand and want to establish a unique identity among the competitors. A vanity number of physical or digital advertisements will gather the attention of customers more than a standard number.

The availability of a certain vanity number will depend on the location for which you are purchasing it and whether or not it is already in use. If possible, one should opt for a vanity number that includes words like Flowers, Plumbing, etc.that define the services. If not available, one should go for an easy to remember a number like 1800-12345. These numbers are also available through multiple mobile network service providers. If you have still not purchased a vanity number for your business, then you must do it now. It is one of the essential parts of your business branding and a great way to increase organic leads for your business.