What To Do Before Launching Your Startup

If you are planning to open the doors of your new business in the next few months, chances are that you already have an exceedingly long checklist of essential to-do items. Another good idea is figuring out how to free up enough capital to deal with last minute and unplanned costs, how to publicize the grand opening, and how to make the first day of operations go as smoothly as possible. As you begin to create your plan of attack get inspired with inspirational quotes and motivational literature geared towards startups. Having some wind in your sails will help motivate you towards the more tangible tasks. Here are a few of the essential tasks you will need to attend to if you want day-one of your new business to go off without a hitch.

Reduce Monthly Expenses

One of the smartest ways to take the inevitable sting out of all those startup-related expenses is to get your personal finances in order long before the launch date. Even better, consider refinancing student loans to reduce monthly cash outflow. For example, just about anyone who has education debt, whether it is one or several loans, can do a refinancing agreement through a private lender and consolidate multiple balances into one convenient payment. Freeing up personal capital is a proven technique for dealing with expected and unexpected startup costs, like attorneys’ fees, accounting consultation charges, last minute supplies, and computer peripherals.

Do Advance Publicity

There is no need to spend a fortune on advance promotional activity, but make sure to at least do one or two things to let people know the date of the official opening. Of course, social media accounts are a standard go-to resource, but do not overlook in-person strategies like special business cards that include the date, physical location of the company, all contact information, and a list of any special offers or discounts for first-day customers. Some owners find that having an official launch party is a fun, interactive way to include family, friends, investors, and potential customers into the big event. Keep the affair simple, with soft drinks and light snacks, and maybe a couple of door prizes. But remember that launch parties can be an ideal time to bring in your first few clients, so be creative when sending out invitations.

Hold an Interactive, Online Conference

Keep it short but make a point to schedule a video meetup with key investors, principals, backers, potential customers, employees (if you are not working alone), and any others who are part of your startup team. An online meeting is a great way to include people who cannot attend a launch party or would rather interact via computer. A good rule of thumb is to keep these kinds of sessions to 30 minutes or less. Simply explain what the company is all about, that you have officially launched, and are happy to have all the support from those in attendance.

Plan Specials and Discounts Carefully

There is no need to give away the store, but make certain to have at least one special price promotion for opening day. Consider using social media and pre-launch advertising to create a signup list of those interested. Day one promos can help you build up an email list, bring customers through the door, and get you started in an upbeat way.