When It Makes Sense For You To Use A VPN

With online privacy and security being at the forefront of everybody’s minds these days, it pays to think about how to protect yourself.

One of the easiest and best ways to give yourself an added layer of protection is to use a VPN. This stands for Virtual Private Network and is how to encrypt your data when you are online.

From protecting your IP address to keeping your banking information hidden when making online purchases, it is something everybody should be doing.

In this article, we will cover some of the times you should really be using a VPN for your protection.

Making online purchases

There is a classic hack that attacks people when they are making purchases online. They are called Man in the Middle or MitM. It usually happens when you are using a public Wifi connection but can also happen if your home Wifi has been compromised without you knowing it.

Essentially the hacker impersonates each endpoint to alter the communication. Then they have your banking information or can even send the funds to their account instead of your intended recipient.

Using a VPN encrypts your data as it travels to the endpoint so it can’t be impersonated. If you are making a purchase online or when you want to buy Bitcoin instantly then you should be using a VPN.

Stop throttling

Some ISPs are known to throttle your speed when you have hit certain data limits. If the ISP can’t track your usage then you can’t be throttled.

When you know your speed is slowing, it is time to use a VPN. This is the best way to hide your internet activity and browse worry free without ever compromising on your speed.

Bypass geoblocking

There are many countries in the world that restrict access to certain websites and information. Using a VPN can allow you to use a server outside of that country and bypass these restrictions.

You don’t have to be living under an oppressive regime to want to appear to be on a server in another country, however.

If you want to watch programs only available in a certain region of the world then you can change the server to one of that country and watch freely. One word of warning, however. If you plan to use Netflix or Hulu, then be prepared to switch VPNs frequently. They have a list of VPNs and know when they are being used so you will still be geoblocked.

Save money

Many websites change their price according to where you are in the world. For instance, if you are logging in from California, that hotel room will probably cost more than if you are logging in from Columbia.

Changing your location will almost always get you a better price for flights, hotel rooms and even car rentals. If you are traveling somewhere then the first thing you should do is install a VPN. You can also use it while you travel to access sites that may be blocked at your destination.