Why do you need Automation Testing?

Every day thousands of new applications are being introduced to the market. According to a recent analysis, there are around 6140 applications in the Google Play store. 

In this competitive world, everyone is working hard to deliver a better product to their customers and improve their ROI. But, the million-dollar question is, how can you deliver a quality product?

Here is an answer for you!!!

You can deliver a high-quality product using ‘Automation Testing Tools’.

Testing is an important part while developing a software product. Basically, there are two types of testing methods such as

  • Manual testing
  • Automated testing

Manual testing is a software testing process. The testing department is responsible to detect the bugs or errors in a software program. They execute every test case without using script or automation testing tool. Also, the tester needs to maintain a track of every detected error manually. The process can be repetitive and time-consuming.

In automated testing, test cases are executed by automated tools such as Leapwork, Silk Test, Katalon Studio and more. The errors or bugs can be detected in no-time.

If you´re looking for a reliable test automation tool, LEAPWORK may be the best choice. LEAPWORK is an automation software that enables people with no technical knowledge to automate with their no-code function. Whether you want to test healthcare application or banking, LEAPWORK verifies from start to end. This tool can speed-up your business in an efficient and cost saving way.

Let’s discuss automation testing in depth.

What is automation testing?

Automated testing allows you to develop a quality application with minimum effort. Also, the test cases can be executed within a few seconds. Many organizations use test automation to automate their repeated tasks and other testing tasks that are hard to perform manually. 

The term automation testing refers to using various automated functions to execute test cases. Compare the actual result with the expected result and generate reports instantly. “Automated Testing” can improve quality,  productivity and reduce cost. 

Why do you need automation testing?

Saves time

Testing software test cases is a tedious and repetitive process. You must test constantly during the development process to deliver quality. When the source code is changed by the developer, the testing process need to be repeated again. On the other hand, the software needs to be tested across all operating system and hardware configurations. Repeating these tests manually can be time-consuming and costly. Once when a test case is created, the automated testing tool can reduce effort and time to execute repetitive tasks from months to hours.

Find more errors and bugs

Product launch or introducing new feature can be an exciting but a hectic process. Marketers are preparing campaigns to highlight the new features. Product managers are responsible for managing the overall process. Testers are double-checking test cases to deliver an effective product.

Everyone seems busy in the organization!!!

Even professional tester can make mistakes while manual testing. No more worries!!! Automated testing will take care of every test case. Defects and errors can be easily detected by using automated testing tools. It executes test cases one after the other and records the results anywhere at any time. Bugs and errors cannot escape from an automation testing tool. Finding the errors and bugs in the initial stage of software development can be done through an automation testing tool. It reduces the overall workload of the testing team.

Improve quality

It’s no secret, automation testing use automation tools to execute every test case. Since automation tools can reduce manual errors. Also, they don’t require human intervention, it assures to deliver a high-quality product in less time. Improved automation testing can grow your business to the next level.

Choosing the perfect automation testing is the best way to improve quality. Implementing various practices from start to end of a software development cycle will help you in finding errors and fixing them. 

Faster results

The ultimate aim in the software development cycle is to make customers happy with timely releases of the product. Did you know, automate testing can execute all the test cases during the peak hours. It can distribute them to various physical and virtual servers. The testing can be completed within a fraction of seconds and delivers faster results.  

Owning the right automation testing can save your time and provide accelerated results. The testing can be carried out frequently and deliver faster results every time with less effort.

Increase your test coverage

Automated testing can improve the scope of tests. It helps to increase the quality of the product. Lengthy tests are often ignored in manual testing. Many testers avoid the lengthy testing process.

Automated testing can look every corner of an application and check memory contents, file contents and internal program states to determine the product condition. Automation software testing can execute hundreds of difficult test cases instantly.

Fewer human resources

Less is more!!! This can be great news for an entrepreneur. You don’t require many people to test software project. All you need is a test automation engineer. They are responsible to write test scripts and automate. Instead of hiring many people for manual testing, it’s better to get powerful automated testing to improve ROI. Also, you can save your time on recruiting candidates, providing training and paying them a high amount of salaries.


Reusability is the buzz term in software development. It is one of the amazing features in automation testing.

Did you know, the scripts can be reused? Yes, you heard it right!!! You don’t require new scripts every time while you’re implementing certain modifications in the project. Automation software testing enables you to repeat the test exactly the same, without ignoring any steps.

You don’t need to start from scratch. Within a few simple clicks, you can create and execute test scripts across on all projects.


Testing software manually is highly impossible. Automation Testing tool is the perfect solution for developing a quality product. Want to develop a high-quality app? Then look no further than Leapwork Automation Testing tool. It is the best way to find errors and bugs in no time. Also, compares and generate results instantly. The best part of automation testing is, you don’t need more staff members to handle the testing process. With strong automation testing software, you can deliver a high-quality product accurately in less time.

Thanks to automation software testing!!!