Why Professionally Designed Pitch Decks and Presentations Matter

For those who aren’t immediately familiar with the term “pitch deck,” here’s a working definition of one of the most effective marketing tools of this generation: a pitch deck is a brief presentation that is shown to potential clients, investors, customers, or business partners, one which is often made using computer program. The presenter may use the pitch deck in order to complete a business proposal, make a bid, introduce a new product, show the company’s state of affairs, and so on—in other words, to convince their audience to support the ideas being presented.

Technically, this is a task that any company can do in-house, as it is easy enough to make standard presentations on an ordinary personal computer or even on one’s smartphone or tablet. But not everyone will have the time or artistic acumen necessary to make really unique, artistic, and convincing presentation decks. Fortunately, some businesses know not to compromise the design element at all. They opt instead to partner with a professional digital design company to enhance the look, feel, structure, and overall messaging of their pitch decks, thus improving their chances of winning a profitable pitch.

If this is your predicament, then read on. There are several key advantages in commissioning an expert to design your pitch deck for you. In this short guide, we’ll fill you in on some of them.

  1. The agency’s familiarity with the platform you want to use. Whether you intend to use PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, or some other program, your partner agency will likely know how to make a presentation using these platforms, in addition to creating it in a way that looks and behaves the way you want it to. They’ll have both the technical and the creative aspects of the presentation covered, which gives you the freedom to relax and focus instead on how to deliver your presentation.


  1. A better first impression on your audience. A well-made presentation will convey your seriousness and professionalism. In contrast, if you use generic presentation templates to make a ho-hum pitch deck, you risk coming off as boring and uninspired. Let the agency help you choose the right colors, imagery, and words to make your presentation more memorable.
  2. A better flow for the presentation itself. Your partner agency will give good advice on the presentation’s length, number of slides, transitions, and text-to-image ratio. Use such advice to deliver a presentation that’s not too long, but not too short; not scrimping on the details, but not an information overload either.
  3. A concise articulation of your brand identity. Another thing your pitch deck should do successfully is to successfully convey your brand identity, or show off your business’s unique personality or qualities. Your professional design partner is likely to be highly experienced in such a process, which means they can create a presentation that will properly communicate your company’s strengths, goals, and value proposition.
  4. Visual details to make you look trustworthy and credible. As they say, “the devil is in the details.” You’ll want to populate your pitch deck not only with select passages of text, but also with graphics, charts, or animated sequences that represent your company’s projections, sales targets, and milestones. A professionally designed pitch deck is meant to yield the best configuration or articulation of visuals like these, enabling your audience to have a better grasp of how well you are performing.

There’s a piece of advice that’s been making the rounds lately: when you make a pitch, your goal is not only to disseminate info, but to tell a story. You should use the pitch to take your audience through an interesting journey from Point A to Point B, from seed to tree, from ideation to creation.

Without a doubt, the right design partner can help you achieve the desired outcome in terms of convincing your target audience—and in turn, highlight a kind of journey that is possible only with your company. If a well-designed pitch deck can achieve that, you can rest assured that it is worth the extra time and money.