Why you should hire wage and hour violations lawyer

All employees need to receive compensation for the work they do. Sadly, this doesn’t always happen as expected because some employers tend to violate state and federal laws by avoiding paying their employees. 

If you have gone through this bad experience, your best option is to hire a wage and hour violations lawyer. This is the only way you can recover the money from your employer. This post explains why you should hire a wage and hour violations lawyer. 

Wage and hour violations

A wage and hour violation can happen when your employer withholds your overtime pay, refuses to give you a paid break or even cheating you of the money you rightly deserve. As you can see, there are several ways your employer may violate your rights under the state wage and hours laws or the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Unfortunately, wage and hour violations can be tricky to handle. For example, if part of your income includes receiving tips, then your employer is only obliged to pay you the minimum wage of the tip. 

But this minimum wage is usually less than the federal minimum wage for employees who don’t receive tips. Here is the deal, if your overall tips fail to bring hourly wage to more than the non-tipped minimum wage, you can be eligible to lay a claim for a wage and hour violation. 

For this reason, you need to contact an experienced employment lawyer to help you determine if your employer has violated the state employment laws or FLSA. In this way, a lawyer can give you the available options to take against your employer. 

You can decide to file a claim with the federal labor or state department that is responsible for the investigation of employers. And, your wage and hour violations attorney may also send a letter asking for full payment of your unpaid wages or file a lawsuit. 

Best of all, the attorney can advise you about the advantages and disadvantages of a specific course of action. For instance, should you decide to file a claim with the federal labor or state department, you may have to leave out the option of filing a lawsuit, or reduce the amount of money you desire to recover.  

How you can prepare the first meeting with your lawyer

The first meeting with your wage and hour attorney is very important. You need to be ready to discuss all the details regarding your case. Therefore, your lawyer may want to know your employer, the rate of pay, the hours you did the work, and the hours you were not paid or underpaid. Aside from these, you need to give your attorney a summary of important events that include dates, names of the people responsible for setting up your pay and the scheduled hours, and names of coworkers who have information about your situation.  

Above all, you should take with you all the relevant documents, such as records of hours worked, pay-stubs, employee handbooks, and information about the pay practices of your employer. Once your attorney gets this information, they will discuss with you the best possible options for handling your claim.