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You’re Just Hired The Wrong Sales Person, What Went Wrong?

On paper, your new hire seemed like the ideal candidate: their education, skills and experience all appeared to bright for the position. They interviewed well, and you felt you got a good sense of their aptitude for the job. But not long after your new hire joins the team, you’re dismayed to discover that they’re virtually incapable of making a sale.Now you realize that you’ve just lost time and money hiring the wrong person for the job. So, what went wrong?

Let’s go back and examine the interview.

In the interview, the candidate seemed confident, outgoing and assertive. You were impressed with their professional demeanour, as well as their knowledge of your business and product.So, you may well ask, why is it that the positive traits they demonstrated during the interview have not translated into their performance on the job? This common problem can often be explained one of two ways:

First off, consider the fact that many applicants are well aware of the demeanour and character traits you’re looking to see from the right candidate. Even if this is their first sales job interview, with a little bit of internet research,many applicants will be able to coach themselves into playing the part of an ideal candidate.

As a result, the person you’re interviewing may bear no actual resemblance to who they really are. This doesn’t make them dishonest or deceitful, since it’s quite natural for them to alter their behaviour if they think it will land them the job. Once they have the job, however,their real personality inevitably asserts itself, and you realize that you’ve just hired a good actor but a bad salesperson.

Secondly, you have to be aware that even if the candidate is being themselves in the interview, it is very easy to misinterpret character traits. How can you be sure, for example, that signs of what you take to be assertiveness and enthusiasm are not really evidence of impatience and impulsivity? The truth is: you can’t know for sure.This is because interviewing is actually a highly imperfect method of predicting success on the job.

Multiple studies have shown, interviews are only 14-30% effective at predicting job performance. Not exactly an encouraging statistic, is it?

So, what can you do to improve the odds of success when it comes to hiring?

Today, many companies effectively take the guesswork out of hiring by incorporating sales personality testing into the process. A well-designed sales personality test – like those offered by Sales Test Online–  can be over 90% accurate in predicting job performance. Sales assessment testing is based on decades of reliable Industrial Psychology research, aiming to identify and recognize the core traits most predictive of a candidate’s aptitude for the job. In other words, a sales assessment test can accurately measure the very things that interviewing often fails to reveal.

The effectiveness of sales aptitude testing has been proven by many years of positive results: companies like Sales Tes tOnline have thousands of satisfied customers and a re-order rate of 97%.  So, if you want to save your business the risk of hiring the wrong person, consider integrating sales assessment testing into your hiring process.