10 Best successful Office moving Tips

Moving to a new office can be exciting for an entrepreneur and employees. But at the same time, moving to a new office can be an overwhelming experience and time-consuming process. This process of moving to a new place is just like moving to your new house. You need to shift large furniture, difficult to pack PC, laptop, routers and other electronic items. Moving your office can be pretty expensive. However, you just can’t shut down your on-going operation for a  longer time to relocate your workspace. You need to move your office during weekends i.e Saturday and Sunday.

If you’re planning to navigate your office location, follow these best successful office moving tips:

Donate unnecessary office equipment

Donating the equipment and unnecessary things that you no longer require. Donate old furniture, PC’s, laptops, printers and other things you don’t want. Why pay extra for the things you don’t require or use when you can make the most out of them. You can get a tax break, yes, you’ve heard it right!!! Donating to a registered charity will get you rid of tax payments.

Plan early

Planning is the primary key to success!!!

If you’re moving your office all alone then you’ve got a handful of work to do. Therefore, never wait for peak moments. Many companies underestimate the time to pack the office items. It may take one day or one month, depending upon the business size the time may vary. Always plan the things in advance.

While planning, it’s important to assess your employee requirements. Few employees may have special requests such as privacy level, cafeteria, meeting space and more.

Create a master plan

  • Create a relocation budget
  • Communicate with your employees and inform them regularly
  • Hire the best moving service
  • Contact with interior designer
  • Finalize the environment at new office according to your employee’s request
  • Fix your moving date
  • Give a call to relocation agent
  • Order boxes to arrange the hardware, software and other equipment
  • Update your contact information on website, blog, etc
  • Notify your clients regarding new office location

Hire a popular moving service

There are hundreds of relocation services available online. Spend time researching the best moving service. Ask recommendations and enquire the best relocation platform from known ones before hiring a moving service. Relo-To is the popular moving service available, this provides best solution for the one who is planning to move their office in the budget. Their team has an ability to estimate, develop and execute relocation solutions for personal and corporates. The service is here to support and fulfill your every requirement. Their team will do everything for you – packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, etc.

Give a call to moving service

If you’re planning to hire a relocation service, then give a call in advance. Before hiring a relocation service, it’s better to check their reviews, price quotes and more. Make sure if the service is providing any proof of insurance.

While hiring a relocation service, their team will pack almost everything including trash inside the trash can as well. Also, they might unplug your refrigerator with the food products inside it. It’s your responsibility to take care of your things.

Label and number your boxes

As there are multiple boxes, how can you identify where a laptop or a router is? While packing in the box, make sure to mark the box with the label. If you’re packing a laptop in a box, stick the label and mark it as a “laptop” on the top of the box. While relocating your office, it will be easier to find things and sort them accordingly.

You might have packed hundreds of boxes while relocating your office. It’s important to give a numbering system to every box to avoid losing them while moving. Numbering your box is important especially when you hire a relocation service. If you have a count of the number of boxes with a description about the inside things, and the relocation service loses any box while moving, you can make a claim instantly.

Pay more attention while packing electronics

Computers, laptops, routers and cables are important things for any business. These electronics require special handling and care while packing inside the box. Whether you’ve one router or dozens of computers, then the best method to deal with these electronics while moving is to start by removing the wires or cables from your PC, computer or routers at a time. Pack them in a box and write a brief description of it. Removing the cables will avoid them from being damaged.

Assign everyone the task of packing up their own desk

While moving the office, it’s better to divide the workload. Assign a task to your employee, let them pack their things such as files, personal items, etc. Explain the packing procedure – arrange the items in a box and label on it. Encourage them by giving a little time every day to pack their things. Nobody will be in a hurry to pack their things at the last moment. 

Relocating during the off-season

It’s no surprise moving the office during the winter or rainy season can have a lot of hurdles – chilly weather, heavy rain, fog, less availability of labour. The peak relocating season is “SUMMER”. Many companies move their office during dry and warm days. They can move during daylight hours in a convenient manner. Relocation services will charge a lower price during the off-season. Plan your moving during summer days and save money.

Insuring your valuables

If you have valuable items at your office, make sure you’ve insurance to protect or recover them from damage. Your company would probably have expensive and valuable assets such as IT equipment, appliances, furniture, etc. While moving these valuables to a new office, there might be a procedure of reassembling your furniture and reinstalling the equipment. While replacing your equipment is expensive. Be protective of your things!!! Therefore, you need to insure your assets from loss or damage. Ultimately, you can save your money.

Update your contact information

As soon as you shift your office to a new location, you need to update the new office address on your business cards, employee ID cards, website, blog and social media. Notify your clients, make sure the clients have the updated new office location, so the payments will be sent to the new office location. Later notify at banks, creditors, etc. Then take time and search for your company name online, you will get a list of referred directories where your company has listed its address on it. Check your company address on those directories. If it shows your old address, update it immediately.


Planning your office relocation in advance is an effective method to ensure your move smoothly without hassles. Plan early to ensure everything is moving on the right track. Follow the above successful office moving tips and relocate your office in a timely manner. On the other hand, hiring a relocation service will work best for you. They will handle your moving process carefully – packing to reinstalling.