Simple Ways to Set-up YouTube Parental Controls

We live in a time where kids use more phones than adults, watching youtube all day rather than going out and doing any physical activities. And with everything easily accessible on the internet without any age restrictions unless we set some, it is not safe for kids to watch content without an adult keeping an eye. 

There are also a number of apps available to help you build a safe system in your or your kids’ device. There are built in systems too like for the iPhone, there are iPhone parental controls and there are parental controls for android to keep your family safe and healthy both mentally and emotionally. 

It is time that parents start making use of some parental controls like YouTube parental controls, iPhone parental controls, Google chrome parental controls or android parental controls to protect their kids from watching inappropriate content.

Solutions to Set YouTube Parental Controls

YouTube parental control mode is introduced by Google and it is a great device that lets users weed out any questionable content from their platforms. Clips containing any objectionable materials are filtered out by algorithm and blocked when YouTube parental Control is enabled. Parents then have greater control of the children’s online watching activities. We will show you how to work it out.


  1.  Switch to YouTube Browser Restricted Mode: Login and sign in to your account on the YouTube website. Click top-right on the account profile. Click on the tool Restricted Mode.
  1. Turn on Restricted User Mode on YouTube through an App: Open the YouTube app, and touch the account profile. Click and select At the end of the chain on Settings. Switch on Restricted Mode after selecting General.

If you cannot use Youtube parental controls, you can download FemiSafe to carry out the function smoothly.

Using FamiSafe to Set Youtube Parental Controls.

FamiSafe is a commonly used application for parental control, developed with amazing features that enable parents to monitor smartphone activity of their children remotely. It is also accessible for use on both Android and iOS devices. It lets parents control the screen time, track the kids’ location, filter web content and get informed about the children’s devices for suspicious material.

FamiSafe YouTube Parental Controls on iOs

FamiSafe parental control system for the iPhoneParental controls will help parents monitor dangerous keywords from indecent video names, images and posts that children have downloaded, viewed, shared or commented on. There are two simple steps:

1. Sign up a FamiSafe account on the App Store website or download.

2. Download the FamiSafe software on devices of parents and children both.

3. Link the screen of children and handle it from the parent’s device 

FamiSafe YouTube Parental Controls on Android

FamiSafe Android parental control solutions offer you with YouTube content detection and app control. Download YouTube app control on Android, parents can access all youtube history and can also block the disturbing things or sites. with 3 simple steps to follow, your kids’ safety will be guaranteed. 

1. Enable a FamiSafe account on the Google Play website or app.

2. Download the FamiSafe software on devices for parents as well as children.

3. Link your parental system to the children’s and handle their activities properly.

FamiSafe also offers a few more features. 

screen time management: You can even ban the content that is addictive for your kid. 

App blocking tools: There are a number of FamiSafe parental control tools that parents can use to monitor their kids’ devices. they will be informed with how much time your kids are spending on YouTube and what they watch.

FamiSafe Subscription

FamiSafe offers a free trial but their subscription plans are easily affordable considering the safety of your kid. 

Subscription Details: You can choose between monthly, quarterly and yearly plans. The monthly package offers $9.99 a month, the quarterly plan costs $6.66 a month and the monthly annual plan is $4.99. You can track up to 30 devices based on the subscription plan you select.

Since our kids are Vulnerable to sensitive content, we should be very careful with their online access. They will grow up and shape their lives that is why we should invest in their future the best way possible.