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10 Tips For an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

When an email is received, immediately it will be deleted or marked as a Spam. If else this is the problem that has come up in the business. Then there should be a keen determination in knowing the reason behind it. For any business who is effectively finding the way for grabbing the attention of the audience and planning to send the email blast, and even thinking of the best ways to improve the results? Email Marketing could be the right choice to serve better.

Email Marketing is a genuine way for quality, open-ended customer engagement to develop the business. Perhaps the subject line is to reach the maximum audience through a call to action- “Click me” that runs out the potential results.

As long as the business intellects try spamming the subscriber list, Email Marketing will be a powerful tool that connects prospects and clients directly. It diffusely strengthens the relationships and makes the prospects remain to reach out for a longer duration. Spam filtering and virus detection for reducing data loss and downtime to increase productivity within the cloud storage is made simple with Every Cloud email.

So, here in this article, there are 10 different tips for an effective email marketing strategy. Dig into them and attain some experience.

  1. Make the email look clever and fresh

This could be a surprising thing, but to be frank and particular, describing an email in a way that impresses the subscriber is not an easy way. But then, with the advanced email marketing tricks like adding an engaging heading to the email body may attract the reader’s interest.

It means, adding simple and short paragraphs and including relevant phrases and keywords that target the business. Adding bullet points for the content can point out directly the actual meaning. Images might illustrate the message rather than the lengthy content.

But some email providers disable images and treat them as a spam email. So be aware of such cases more often.

  1. Never imagine it as the email blast

In case, if the information is blasted out sporadically with the time, then reevaluating the email marketing is a must. Because mistakes happen unknowingly. So, concentrate on creating a thought-provoking marketing plan that drives subscribers to the business.

Rather than passing information on a whole, think of interesting email marketing ways to engage prospects and customers. Irrespective of the buyer’s journey, build and continue the relationship with the prospects. Look for the genuine opportunities to engage and attract subscribers by pushing offers and discounts and request for a review and feedback.

  1. Reward and Impress Loyal Customers

In most of the eCommerce websites, 80% of the prospect relationships happen among the customers and the revenue. It tells that a wide range of revenue is generated with relatively less number of loyal customers. It is one of the basic strategies of marketing the business. Categorize the customers into different layers and send them gift card incentives and enable to increase the revenue in the short span of time.

  1. Enable easy unsubscribes

It is not absolutely a correct way of making subscribers get out of the conversation. But if they feel like taking a chance of leaving the conversation, there has to be an option that should make their work simple. Most of the members in the email list of companies doesn’t participate in the discussion whereas they usually think of taking a break, so then this can help them flag email conversation and reduce the problem that arises in the future.

  1. Be prepared for the seasoned holidays with a Newsletter

Marketers wind up drafting campaigns before the scheduled dates. Creatively including the information and potential in the emails regarding the events and festivals ensures to be ahead of the competition making a prior schedule.

For doing it easily ensure to have 12-month Newsletter that includes retail and events specific to business seasons.

  1. Create Mobile-Friendly Email Campaigns

Most of the people today reach up with their phone all the time. 66% of the emails are opened in mobiles and tablets. So if the emails are not optimized to mobile responsiveness, then there will be a reduce reach compared with the average potential attained with mobile-friendliness. Neglecting mobile-friendly optimization may miss out the most prospective clients and business.

  1. Track the data

Generally, the results may not have anything to do with the content and platforms. Track the unique statistics like how many emails are addressed to the subscribers and how many are undelivered. It is also allowed to track the time when the email is opened by the recipient, and email performances can also be tracked accordingly to make future changes in the email campaign.

There are many platforms and tools that provide integrated cloud email security services for having done in terms of email marketing. Try implementing them to have a brief analysis of tailoring the data to the right person.

  1. Take the Email Marketing Process beyond the Inbox

With the advancements in the technology in the next few years, many eCommerce businesses collaborate email campaigns and social advertising to grow their business to the next level.

Targeting a huge number of email subscribers with regular emails that are coordinated with Facebook ads marks an average of 22% purchases than regular emails. So it is suggested to make a wide extension to the email campaigns integrating with the other networks and updated technology.

  1. Split Test the Emails

This could be the best tip among the others, it could probably be an A/B testing. It cleans and removes all the guesswork from the email marketing and produces a clear map of what changes are to be done. A/B testing helps in splitting the emails into multiple segments enabling to find which version of the email gives confined results in terms of conversations. Testing out various versions of emails will drive out better results that could be implemented in the future.

The benefits of A/B testing are- Open rates can be increased when the right subject line is found. Click-through rates can be improved while testing and changing the email copy. Gain a mutual understanding with the customer’s interests and tastes.

  1. Concentrate on White Space

As the customers and prospects are busy, even if they get the time they cannot open the preferred email. However, it is obvious that there will be others in the queue who compete for the same. So catch the interest of the subscribers by creating and offering the best out of the most. Create specialized emails that have more white space that catches the interest of the reader. Make the emails scannable and structure it beautifully.  Because scannable data is more readable. Add headings, subheadings, bullet points wherever required. Conversions happen by writing such interesting content in the email. Add Read more links and redirect it to the main website of the company. It indirectly enhances the visibility and increases sales in the long run.

Final thoughts

Thinking of delivering the email blasts using strong marketing tools is important in making the business grow eventually.

Create a plan and communicate with the subscribers, start sending engaging and valuable messages, and thereby measure the result of the efforts that are produced.