Mavrck, an Influencer marketing startup raised $5.8M making their total fund to $13.8M

Mavrck, an influencer marketing company headquartered in Boston which empowers brands to increase the reach through insights, ideas, and users trust on content. There are many brands who utilize Mavrck to scale the influence marketing. It is patented and is treated as an all-in-one platform for empowering the brands to identify and activate plenty of influencers, referrers, loyalists, advocates to create insights, and ideas and content on a whole.

It helps users to measure end-to-end impact for the activation of influencer by influence post, persona, campaign, and network based on impressions, clicks, conversions, and engagements. It helps the user in knowing dynamic influence relationship management which increases affinity and retention.

Statistical Growth of Mavrck

1. On 1st February 2013, with a transaction name as seed round Mavrck with one investor Betaspring organization raised an amount of $50K.
2. On 1st January 2014, with two investors Techstar and Techstar Boston Accelerator companies to the round.
3. On 12 August 2014, with the transaction name as Convertible Note Mavrck raised a fund of $100K with 2 investors MassChallenge, Right Side Capital Investment companies in the round.
4. On 14 August 2014, with the transaction name as Angel Round with 2 investors Techstars, IDEA Northeastern University’s Venture Accelerator raised a fund of $550K in the round
5. On 17 December 2014, raised $2.5M Series A, Mavrck fund with one investor as Grandbanks Capital in the round.

6. On 13 Nov 2015, the company raised $5M Series A fund with 2 investors GrandBanks Capital, Kepha Partners(lead investor) in the round.
7. On 16 Nov 2015, Mavrck raised $ 4.7M with the transaction name Venture.
8. On 16 Nov 2015, Mavrck raised a $4.7M fund with the transaction name as Venture
9. On 29 Mar 2018, Mavrck raised $2.7M fund on the same name Venture.
10. Very recently on 31 October 2018, raised $5.8M Series B fund with a transaction name as GrandBanks Capital with 2 investors GrandBanks Capital, Kepha Partners in the round.

All these have an average growth rate according to the company capital. This economic growth in funds is meant to support channel partnership and demand.

Adding the recent fund, the total funding has become $13.8 Million with a high expectation from the founder and partner Jo Tango of Kepha who expected to have high measurable conversions that deliver authentic and targeted engagement with the audience irrespective of ad-blocking software and changes in the algorithms in social networks.


Mavrck has a partner agency with GroupM and Mullen Lowe and it works accordingly with the brands like Hershey’s, Gillete, Tom’s of Maine. A free fan grader product has been offered by the company that identifies 100 engaging facebook fans.

The general process it follows is
1. Describe the communications and marketing goals
2. Assess the influencer relationship status
3. Assess the Influencer Marketing and the Relations Process

All set with the above information it redirects to the best marketing strategy which creates, amplifies, and allows to submit insights along with content via Mavrck technology.


Mavrck can be accessed in terms of subscriptions and the prices are customized on the basis of customer requirements and needs. Everything comes under the basic budget. Unlock a self-guided video tour and schedule a demo for 15, 30, 60 minutes.

The activation happens during the checkout time and when the user login and buy something through the internet. Many hundreds and thousands of transactions are processing per day which owns a case study that refers 1000 influencers or customers per day. In fact, it allows brands in collaboration with the micro-influencers who are a part of their customer base.


As to check with the Mavrck, there is an exclusive expansion of influencers of many types who has scalability in terms of influencer marketing. Most of the traditional YouTube stars and Instagram-famous bloggers manage their spreadsheet through one-off campaigns which drive brand awareness. Including customer acquisition, customer insights, and retention, people are boon to engage with the friend circles that is a methodology which is always on to increase business objectives. Mavrck an influencer marketing company allows users to attain brand awareness within the market range encouraging to have a better growth in the business.