10 Tips for Running a Successful eCommerce Business

Remember the times when you had to go to electronic stores to purchase the gadgets you need or the times when you had to go to clothing stores to buy a dress. It is a thing of the past right? Thanks to the flourishing eCommerce industry. Buying products has become easier than ever before after the rise of eCommerce businesses. Not only products but availing different types of services like delivering food and groceries have also because of eCommerce businesses. Some people think eCommerce is just related to selling products. Which is not at all true. You can also provide different services through eCommerce websites.

There are different types of eCommerce businesses in the market. Most people only know about one type which is B2C eCommerce. Which is the business to consumer model where businesses sell products or services to consumers. But there are several other types of eCommerce which also have a huge demand in the market.  Some of the models are B2B and C2C. B2B is where one business buys products or services from other businesses. C2C is where one consumer buys products or services from another consumer. Starting an eCommerce business is a great idea as it is very profitable once it gains popularity. But one should understand that it has its own set of challenges. You should know how to prevent eCommerce retail fraud and e-skimming. One should understand the business before getting into it.

Here are 10 tips that will surely help you in your eCommerce business.

Choose the eCommerce business type that suits you

As mentioned earlier there are several types of eCommerce business models to choose from. The most popular of them being selling products or services. This is not a bad thing but you have to understand the level of competition you are facing. Just because they are the most popular models you don’t have to follow the suit. You can come up with your own idea for a new eCommerce business. Realize what type of eCommerce business model is the most suitable for you. If you are confident that you can pull it off you should go for it

User experience is crucial

Good user experience is one of the most essential parts of the success of an eCommerce business. According to a study, 88% of people do not return to an eCommerce website because they had a bad user experience. Another study states that the failure of 70% of eCommerce businesses is due to bad user experience. This might have given you an idea of how important the user experience is. So build a website that is very user friendly. Customers should be able to navigate through the website effortlessly. Most people use their mobile phones to access eCommerce websites. Build a mobile-friendly website so that more people can access your website easily.

Focus on driving traffic to your website

Setting up an eCommerce business is one thing but getting people to notice is entirely another. Having a user-friendly website and great products or services is very important. But they are not the only thing that makes it a successful business. Marketing is very important for eCommerce especially if you are a new business. Look for different ways in which you can drive traffic to your websites. Write blogs on websites and create backlinks. Use keywords that describe your business model and concentrate on SEO.

Host your website on a reliable premium Web hosting service provider

What good is an eCommerce website that is not up and running all the time? You have to make sure that you do not have any downtime while hosting your website. This is very essential for an eCommerce website. If the users are unable to access your website many times because of downtime they might not return. Because a website being down gives an impression of being a low-quality website. This will make them feel unsafe which is a deal-breaker for eCommerce businesses. So do not go for free or cheap web hosting services. Buy a premium plan in a well-reputed web hosting service that offers great services.

Look for products or services that are rare on other websites

The success of an eCommerce business doesn’t always lie in selling millions of products. It can be successful by selling products or services that other businesses do not. You can narrow your focus on products or services that are very rare on other eCommerce websites. Your website does not have to sell tablets as they are sold by many other websites. Instead, you can sell a wide range of tablet covers that no other eCommerce website has. Rather than selling kindles, you can sell all types of books that are not sold by others.

Get active on social media

The best and easiest way of getting recognition among the masses is social media. Who doesn’t have a social media account? Almost everyone has at least one social media account these days. Some people even have multiple accounts on different social media platforms. All the major businesses and brands have already recognized the potential of social media platforms. It provides you an opportunity to reach a wide range of people who would be interested in checking out your website. So be active on social media platforms and use social media influencers to market your business.

Provide the best customer service

You may sell great products and provide awesome services through your website but without good customer service, you cannot sustain in the long run. Customer service is very essential as many users do not return to a website because of bad customer service.when someone offers great customer service the chances of a customer using your website are very high. If you offer excellent customer service the users may refer it to their friends and family. This is the best kind of promotion that no advertisement can match. On the other hand, if you offer poor customer service not only the users will stop using your website they might tell others to do the same.

Send personalized emails

Personalized services will help you grow business and retain regular customers. Once you have gained a significant number of people using your website gather their email addresses. Give them special offers and discounts to turn them into a loyal customer base. Send them emails about their orders. Create personalized emails to let them know if there are any new products they would like to checkout. This will assure the customers that you value them.

Run A/B testing on a regular basis

Nothing is perfect in the world and the same goes for eCommerce businesses. You can never be perfect but you can always improve and be better. Testing is very essential to understand what is working and what is not. It will always help you understand if your eCommerce website is up-to-date or not. So keep running A/B testing as regularly as possible. This will let you understand what the customers like and what they don’t. It will help you in making changes to your website that will make it more user friendly.

Learn from your competitors

Competition can be a great source for learning new things. There can be many great things you can learn from your competition. This will help you in identifying the areas which you can improve. Study your competition to understand what makes the users choose them instead of you. Also, understand what are things that you are doing right compared to them. Improve on your strengths and learn from your weaknesses. Take measures to prevent making the same mistakes again and again. This will resolve many issues that you would not have thought about in the first place.


eCommerce is booming in the current times. Every day new eCommerce businesses are popping up all over the world. While it is a great idea to start your own eCommerce business it also has many challenges. There are several types of eCommerce businesses like B2B, B2C, and C2C. Make sure you choose a business model that you are comfortable with. Build a website that is mobile friendly and provides a great user experience. Write blogs on other websites using keywords and backlinks that drive traffic to your eCommerce website. Use social media platforms to promote your business. Provide great customer service and run regular tests to understand the market. Be persistent if you want to have a successful eCommerce business as the competition is very high.