Most useful tools for every ecommerce website

While many believe that creating an ecommerce website is extremely easy, the truth is that this is a delicate process in which you have to consider different elements in order to make it in the most successful manner.

One of these are the tools that need to be used in order to make the site a big success. Fortunately, many of these doesn’t cost a single dollar, and all you need to do is register with your email account and download it.

This way, while it is important to know how much does it cost to build an ecommerce website before getting into this business, it is also crucial to know the tools that you are going to use in order to make your online store a dominant player in the game.

If you want to make it happen in the best way possible, here are the most useful tools that can be used for every ecommerce website.


While there are plenty of tools that can be used in almost any single type of ecommerce website, most experts point out that MailChimp should be the weapon of choice for anyone that is seriously considering to make one. After all, this tool allows to create targeted campaigns to start creating traffic as soon as possible, as well as sending the so-called “back-in-stock messages” and even automate the follow-ups in order to create a perfect business relation with the client.

Moreover, MailChimp helps learning what the customer is purchasing, which is quite important considering that this is the main element that almost every owner of an ecommerce website make use of to create the most efficient targeted emails for the clients.

In addition to these outstanding details, MailChimp offers some other features including flexible designs for every single size and even a wide variety of integration with apps you are already making use of.

Furthermore, the tool provides a very efficient automation for every online seller, mobile options that can be used to complement the ecommerce brand that will be used, API documentation, and even the most advanced analytics in order to grow the business in the quickest way possible.


This one is simply one of the greatest tools that can be used on any ecommerce website considering that it works as an advanced version of Google Analytics. The reason? While the search giant’s tool updates the order statuses in the orthodox manner, Metrillo do it in real-time, meaning that those who use it can see their projects’ progress every second.

Of course, Metrillo doesn’t count the canceled or refunded orders, meaning that anyone who makes use of this tool can look for order statuses like “pending” or “on hold.”

Some of the most impressive features that this tool includes is the customer LTV and even the average orders per clients, which is quite helpful since it puts order on the ecommerce website. In addition, Metrillo offers cart abandonment rate and the revenue per visitor option, which is a feature that only a few of these tools provide.

Moreover, this tool gives you average order value, the so-called conversion rates by device and even checkout completion, turning into the best ally in case you want to get into the online store business, no matter which type you eventually create and operate with.

Acquire Live chat

The reason why Acquire Live chat is so useful and even crucial for all ecommerce websites is because of the fact that customer service always plays a major role in the success of almost every single type of business. After all, the element that would make customers to recommend a service is their relationship with the business itself.

Getting to this point, Acquire Live chat has made an authentic revolution in the commerce websites since it solved the main problem it always had: the limitations in customer servicing.

The feature that this tool created to solve this issue is the Live Chat software, which allows every online store to create a line of communication with their clients on every single moment. This way, if the client need technical support or is having problems in finding the products they want, the Live Chat software represents the best solution, not only because of the way it allows the written communication but also because it allows to guide the client step by step with the “screen sharing” feature.

This one is quite useful for those clients that aren’t tech-savvy, and need more support in order to solve the issue they are experiencing. Basically, this feature allows the ecommerce website agents to gain access to the client’s desktop or laptop (in case they give permission to do it) and assist them. In fact, this screen-sharing feature even provides full HD experience both to the agents and the clients.

In addition to these features, Acquire Live chat offers video assistance, which is probably the best way of communication in today’s world, especially when almost every single social media platform offers this specific feature.

Naturally, this video assistance allows the client to have a face to face conversation with someone from the ecommerce website in order to clarify whatever is needed. In fact, every review about this tool will point out this is the most important feature since almost none of its rivals offer it.

Moreover, Acquire Live chat, is equipped with the co-browsing technology, which allows all agents to directly connect to the client’s browser window if the client asks it. This feature is normally used when the previous methods of communications fail and the client’s problems in the online store remain unsolved.