14 Amazing Amazon Facts You Might Not Know Yet

All things can be resolved digitally in the new century. Individual services, such as buying and products, are already accessible electronically. Amazon is among the leading tech firms providing various programs for regular use. Find and discover further with several Amazon facts regarding this organization from its beginnings to the modern days.

Amazon continues to be misunderstood as a bookseller. is primarily a technology corporation, given its popularity as a bookshop. The company focuses on simplifying customers’ electronic purchases. However, this detail persists another of the amazon facts, which has been mostly overlooked.

Amazon has more than 40 branches and brands.

The tech firm purchased Whole Foods for $13.7 billion throughout June 2017. Such products include audio retailers such as Audible, Twitch online streaming network, and the GoodReads book analysis website.

Excellent training for Amazon call center agents

This 2-day experience is intended not only to encourage staff members from Amazon to communicate but to pay attention. Those who care, acknowledge and recognize that these workers can do the best to satisfy the customer’s expectations.

Amazon offers opportunities for students.

The plan provides a 50 percent discount on top subscriptions for learners who are enrolled. This fact implies that those currently in education only cost Amazon Prime an amount of $49 per annum. Amazon Prime Students distribute fantastic offers with emails, apart from these advantages.

Amazon bought a robotic company.

Amazon purchased $775 million to obtain Kiva Systems. This growing robotics group awarded its latest holder with digital robots designed to move goods from employee to employee and to interpret barcode labels on the surface for instructions.

Amazon pays its employees to quit.

Amazon tried to exclude non-motivated warehouse workers from the Center for Fulfillment. Employees who give up will earn between $2000 and $5,000, varying their term of office. But accepting the pay would indicate that employees can never come back and work for Amazon.

Amazon had a 2-day celebration for Amazon Prime Day.

Market approximately 175 million products in 48-hour transactions on July 15-16. This event was suddenly the most extensive period of shopping before the next cyber Monday. It is also linked to a common trend of record breakage.

You can purchase the item or book you rented

This brings it much more refreshing is that the cost does not surpass the initial book value. Extensions after the rental term, unfortunately, will require you for further fees. This fact is incredible to hold in mind. 

Amazon has a movie streaming platform.

Apart from the existing Amazon programs, all the popular movies can be accessed by viewers on almost any computer. Prime users could enjoy these benefits through the internet or at Amazon Echo Shows or call the Echo Spot. A $119 annually or $12.99 monthly provides over a single profit if you register for the program. 

Subscription of Amazon Prime includes a complimentary delivery or two-day delivery, video, and music downloading and streaming. In conjunction, customers can avail Amazon Prime Films and access Audible and Kindle interactive textbooks, audio magazines, including books.

Amazon also has a music streaming app.

It is accessible only to Prime subscribers, though. While you could have a smartphone or computer Amazon Prime music application, it contains only approximately two million tracks. It wouldn’t be difficult because clients can always buy their favorite songs.

You can transact your groceries online with Amazon Fresh.

This platform helps consumers to purchase online and anticipate the following day’s shipment. Amazon Fresh was founded in 2007 and was initially developed around the United States, then globally, including Seattle and Washington, D.C.

Often ice storage or dry ice, including paper bags holding the purchased items, will be packed using totes. There will be times that this will not happen, and they would replace it with brown paper bags instead.

Amazon’s Alexa can do a lot of things.

You could also make to-do plans, listen to music, access audio textbooks, set up reminders, display videos, and speech recognition. Furthermore, Amazon Alexa could provide top stories, forecasts, and congestion in full detail.

Amazon Kindle was a huge success.

The business started to market its original e-readers Amazon Kindle that fuelled the company even farther. Promoting Kindle e-readers contributed to rapid expansion in the business’s ebook production. Amazon gradually became a significant influence in the bookselling industry.

Amazon Gift Cards will never expire.

There are also no redeeming premiums for these tiny pleasures. Consumers appreciate the perfect way of marketing Amazon gift cards, thanks to the excellent value for money they receive. Only by purchasing an Amazon Gift Card at retail outlets and purchasing in cash will consumers receive a cash invoice.


Amazon has so many facts that you may not know yet, and they also offer one of the best services. You can’t say that if you don’t see it for yourself. We hope we have amazed by these amazon facts.