3 Biggest Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A strong marketing strategy can make or break your business. If you play your cards right with your marketing campaign, you can connect with the right customers and get people to start talking about your business.  However, play your marketing cards wrong, and it can have the opposite effect. 

The truth is that marketing mistakes are more common than you might like to think. Not only can they result in lost revenue for your business, but they may even result in public relations disasters. Think Kendall Jenner’s disastrous Pepsi campaign.

The good news is that most marketing mistakes can be avoided by applying the right tips. Take a look at some of the biggest marketing mistakes to avoid. 

No Research 

Skipping essential research and testing is a huge mistake when it comes to marketing your business. It’s important that you do research so that you can predict how well your promotions will do. Market research gives you an idea of how your efforts will play out before you have to go to the trouble of paying for them. 

In order to understand how consumers think, you have to do your homework. In addition to researching, you should also measure your efforts. Otherwise, you’re just wandering around in the dark. 

No Focus 

The only way that your company is going to stand out from the competition is to strategically position your brand. This means that anytime you decide to market something new, you are innovating off of what you’ve done before. 

Unfortunately, a lot of companies make the mistake of marketing products without taking their entire brand into consideration. Any product or service that you decide to put out onto the market should connect to what your overall focus is. 

Only Thinking About New Customers 

One of the most common areas where companies get it wrong is focusing on new customers instead of retaining old ones. While new customers are also important, so are current ones. It’s critical that you keep your customers happy so that they keep coming back for more. Repeat customers are worth much more money than one time customers.  Always place current and future customers on the same level of importance. 

The truth is that even with thorough planning, mistakes can come up from time to time. The trick is knowing how to take the right action if the results that you want don’t come to fruition. Take plenty of time to consider what went wrong and reflect on how you can improve yourself in the future. 

If you find your business struggling with your marketing, it’s time to take a new direction in order to reach your customer the way they need to be reached.