3 Reasons to Start Coding as a Beginner

In today’s world where technology is developing at an extremely fast pace, it is important to keep up with the fast-moving development, whether through research or education depending on your circumstances. Over the last decade, the information technology (IT) industry has grown at a very fast rate and continues to grow rapidly. If you are looking for a new career change or are just starting out, a smart move would be to place your bet on this industry as it looks to grow even further. In fact, according to a survey undertaken by Intelastel, which looked to reveal business leader’s views on coding, 45% of respondents believe that digital skills will be a lot more important in the future.

This article will look at 3 reasons you should start to consider learning more about coding.

  1.  Computer Programming and Coding is the Future:

In the twenty-first century, we all need some knowledge of coding. It may surprise you to hear that without coding, daily activities such as driving to work and taking a shower would not be possible! Although, we as consumers do not see the coding aspect of these activities, we are only able to undertake them due to the coding that have taken place.

Learning to code at a young age could provide youngsters with an advantage in life with more employment opportunities available to them in the future. Regardless of which industry they decide to enter, whether it’s the technology sector, finance, retail, health, or other, coding can be greatly beneficial. This is an important reason why coding should be taught in schools.

In the past, coding was the domain of the computer scientist. But the world is changing. The rise of online and mobile technology has made coding a way of life for many. It’s a skill that will be in demand for the foreseeable future. Coding skills are the building blocks of the internet. They are the foundation of the digital world. If you can code, you can build your website.

  1. There is a Lack of Skills in the Software Industry:

According to the report by Tech City UK, the infrastructure of the UK is the best in the world and the country is a hotbed for innovation. However, there is a lack of skills in the software industry. Technology is taking over the world, and it is becoming increasingly important for people to have the skills to work in this sector. The report by Tech City UK suggests that the world is not doing enough to encourage the development of the software industry, especially considering its great potential.

  1. Coding Makes Maths Fun:

We all have to learn maths in school and whilst for some it may be fun, for the majority of students it can be quite challenging and rather dull! Learning how to code is a useful skill that children can use in their adult life and it can also help make maths fun for those who may find it a struggle. Children who can code are more likely to be employable when they grow up, and they will have a better chance of getting a job in the technology sector. Coding is a very useful skill to have as it includes several brainstorming questions in which a student has to deal with math logic.

Although we can learn to code, the future of the coding industry is looking interesting with more no code solutions becoming available. No code systems offer users the opportunity to create online spaces they desire without the coding knowledge, but having some knowledge of coding can be extremely useful in the long run for any individual or business.