Qualitician : One Stop Job portal for Software Testing Jobs

Are you looking for skilled individuals to fill the software testing and quality assurance positions in your organization?

Are you looking to start a career in software testing? (or) Are you a skilled individual with years of experience in software testing or software quality assurance looking for a job opening?

Yes!! Then Qualitician is your one stop destination for finding what you are looking for. Be it an organization or an individual, the first step they take to hire or job search is go to a job portal. Job portals have to some extent made it easy to match the right skills with the right positions.

However, the job portals are not industry exclusive, it will take a lot of filtering and effort to find the right candidates. Same goes for the job seekers also, they will have to do a bit of research to find the relevant job opening and then apply. This will not be the case anymore. Qualitician has launched an industry-specific job portal especially for the software testing jobs. It has revolutionized hiring for software testing and quality assurance positions within the industry. 

Stick till the end of this article to find out all the details about this job portal.

What is a Qualitician? How does it work?

As you already know, Qualitician is a job portal that is exclusive for the Software Testing and Quality Assurance Professionals in finding the job opportunities. The primary purpose of this platform is to filter the recruitments and bring the most skilled candidates and the latest, most sought-after QA job openings together. With more software companies leveraging technology to develop solutions to satisfy the needs of their targeted audience, the demand for software testing jobs and software quality assurance jobs have also increased.

Although the requirement for software testing professionals has increased, the organizations are still finding it hard to find skilled individuals. There is a huge gap in the market for skilled software QA professionals because they are either charging a hefty amount or their skills in the resume are not matching to their actual skills. Having platforms such as Qualitician is changing the norms as it brings together software companies and job seekers and matches them. Aren’t you curious to know how this platform works? The applicants can check for the software testing job openings by Location, Employer, Designation, etc. Once you enter the job title, company name, or skill along with the location the user will be able to find all the job listings relating to their request.

Qualitician for job seekers

If you are a job seeker looking for software testing jobs or software QA jobs, then you are in the right place. It is a leading portal that offers software testing jobs, walk-ins and internship opportunities across India. It has been helping job seekers to find the best opportunities in the software industry. As a job seeker on the Qualitician, all you have to do is sign up on the platform and create a profile. Once you have created a profile you can find the most relevant and sought-after job opportunities in the software testing industry. Find the jobs that match your requirements and apply for them.

Qualitician for Employers

Employers have always found it hard to find the right personnel with a skill-set that matches their requirements. But with Qualitician employers can now easily find the talented individuals whose skills are the same as they have claimed in their CV. Finding the right candidate is quite simple on this job portal. All you have to do is publish the QA job opening on the Qualitician. Once the job posting is live, the potential candidates will start sending applications. However, if you want to find the right candidates quicker then promote your posting as the sponsored jobs. Not only that you can also share the job advertisement to all the popular social networks to attract more potential job seekers. Qualitician also allows them to create their organization’s profile and also host their career site on this job portal.


Another important addition to this job portal is courses. Yes! The course providers can list their courses relating to software testing. Constant learning is the only way to stay relevant even in the future. This especially applies to anything related to technology. Since technology is ever-changing the professionals also must upgrade their skills. On the Qualitician the course providers can list their software testing courses. The professionals can browse through the different courses available and learn a course. 

What makes this portal unique?

This platform is truly one of the best job portals currently available in the market for software professionals. It is a one-of-kind job portal that is built especially for software testing professionals. Qualitician also offers a wide range of services such as Software Testing and Quality Assurance Services, QA Staffing Services, QA job fairs, advertising, email campaigns, branding services, etc. Some of the key features that make this platform unique are

  • It is mobile-optimized, the users browsing through this platform from mobile will also have an optimum experience
  • Posting the job openings on social media accounts is simple and easy
  • The career pages for the companies are also mobile-optimized
  • From screening resumes to interview scheduling, your hiring process will become more streamlined with Qualitician. 
  • Companies can also send the background information requests for the candidates through this job portal
  • Companies can also create a pre-assessment questionnaire for the candidates to filter out the applicants
  • Create a hiring workflow for each of the qa job roles
  • Companies can feature their job posting and attract more potential candidates

Our Word

Qualitician is the new age hiring portal that has truly made it easy for organizations in the software industry to source the most skilled software testing professionals. The Qualitician platform is user-friendly and in a matter of seconds, you can find all the job openings related to your desired position. The employers will also be able to find the best candidates as the hiring process is streamlined and they can easily filter the resumes and find the right candidates.