3 Ways To Help Your Employees Feel Comfortable In The Workplace

While the most important thing for a business is that it runs efficiently and effectively, this can really only be done when you have a workforce that feels safe and comfortable completing the jobs they have. 

If you’ve noticed that the people who work for you or that you’re working with don’t feel comfortable and empowered to work as effectively or efficiently as they could, here are three ways you can make some changes that will help your employees feel comfortable in the workplace. 

Provide For Their Basic Needs

In order for your employees to feel safe and comfortable at work, you have to be able to provide for their basic needs. This should include not only their physical needs but also their emotional and mental needs.

According to Alan Kohll, a contributor to, some of the most basic needs that you should be sure you’re providing for your staff include clean air that’s cooled off in the summer and warm in the winter, safe drinking water, natural light, ergonomic equipment, and the ability to feel relaxed. While some of these things can be hard to come by, depending on the type of work you’re doing, meeting these basic needs should be your top priority if you’re wanting to run a business where your employees can feel safe and comfortable. 

Encourage Your Workers To Take A Break

Although you might love it if your staff was able to work nonstop, this simply isn’t the way people were created to function. Everyone needs a break once in a while. And depending on your attitude toward this, your employees may wind up being more or less comfortable at work.

Kara Masterson, a contributor to, shares that employers who encourage their employees to take breaks from work, be it breaks throughout their day or some time off as the year goes on, will not only have employees who perform better, but will also have staff that feel more comfortable being at work. Because burnout will be a thing of the past for your workers, you’ll actually have a more productive staff than you otherwise would. 

Bring Everyone Into The Company Culture

People can really only feel comfortable in an environment where they feel wanted and appreciated. So to help every member of your staff get to this point, Harvey Deutschendorf, a contributor to, recommends that you do everything you can to bring every staff member into your company culture. Include them in initiatives, put them on a team, and ask for their opinion and input on issues your company is dealing with. 

If you want your staff to feel more comfortable in the workplace, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you accomplish this feat.