Know about Different Forms of Two Factor Authentication

Have you ever heard about two-factor authentication? Many times right!!!

Two-factor authentication is referred to as an authentication process to ensure security. Many businesses are adopting two-factor security mechanism to provide an extra layer of security for their employees, clients and users. The ultimate goal of implementing two-factor authentication is to protect systems and accounts from unauthorized access.  Also, it minimizes protection breaches.

2FA helps to improve the protection of online accounts, systems or devices by requesting users two types of information. It includes password, 4-digit pin code, registered email account, a valid ATM card or fingerprint before the user can log in. The first factor is the password; the second factor is the additional item, it can be OTP, biometric, etc.

Two-factor authentication is also referred to as “Strong Authentication”. It is the process of combining various factors

  • The user knows the password or secret answer
  • User has registered mobile number
  • Sometimes the user has valid biometric fingerprint or voice recognition

People commonly use a bank card and pin code to authentication. 

Process of two-factor authentication

  • Sign in to Gmail or yahoo account.
  • This web page consists of user name and password – first authentication.
  • Entering a valid user name and password is the first step of authentication. Also, you can use OTP – one-time password via SMS or call as second step of authentication.
  • When you combine username, password and one-time password, the result will be stronger.

Taking this additional authentication measure to keep hackers away and reduces the risk.

Websites are offering two-factor authentication to ensure security by implementing additional level other than user name and password. 

Are you looking for two factor authentication solution, stick here!!! Following are different forms of two-factor authentication used by businesses. Pick the best one that fits your need and requirement.

SMS two-factor authentication

How do you get registered to an account? By providing a valid name, phone number, DOB and email id.

Entering the username and password can be the first step of authentication. Now, you will often be requested to enter a 4-digit passcode. This shortcode will be sent to the registered mobile number. In order to sign-in, you need to enter that 4-digit passcode.

SMS 2FA is one of the most popular approach used by many websites. Since everyone has a mobile phone and SMS option available. On top of everything, you don’t need to install an application to receive SMS. The code will be sent directly to the registered mobile number.

Make sure the mobile number is working. Because you cannot sign in when your mobile phone is switched off or not connected to a network.

App-generated codes

Generating codes through applications on your mobile is now easier than ever. The popular apps used to generate code are Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator, Duo Mobile, FreeOTP and more. These applications are used for Android and iPhone mobiles.

Install your favourite application, scan the passcode while creating a new account. These apps are capable of generating new codes for every 30 seconds. You need to enter the existing code that is displayed in the app and also enter a valid password to login your account.

Physical authentication keys

These days physical authentication keys are becoming more popular. Small and large companies are using U2F token for authentication. With a single U2F token, you can secure Google, Microsoft, Dropbox and other accounts.

Physical authentication keys are portable. It looks like a USB key and you can attach them to keychains. While a sign in to your account, you should insert the USB key and click on ‘OK’ button. Here you go!!! You don’t need to worry about remembering the password. 

Inserting a USB key is better than SMS and one-time passcode. Because your physical authentication requires neither a mobile phone nor network connectivity. It is a simple and effective way to use.


FIDO U2F (Universal Second Factor) is one of the effective security keys. It is a new style of two-factor authentication. If you want to set up on your website, you need to register a U2F device. While account login, the website will allow a prompt message “connect your device”. Click and allow!!!

Like physical authentication keys, you don’t need to remember or type passcode. U2F devices can identify the website you have logged on. Also, responds with a code that is related to those website. U2F devices offer phishing-proof because the web browser responds to registered websites. You can use single U2F device on a different websites.


Biometrics is a combination of technical and scientific authentication approach. It is widely used in user authentication. Biometric identification can effectively authenticate user access through biological data. This information can be a fingerprint, DNA, etc.

Biometric authentication is used for user identification who are under surveillance. Authentication through biometric verification is commonly used in corporate and point-of-sale application. Additionally, biometric verification is a convenient solution for many, as you don’t need to remember a password or carry security tokens.