3 Ways to Torrent Online Files Anonymously

When it comes to torrenting, you might want to do so anonymously. Torrents can contain all sorts of data and copyrighted material that your ISP will warn you about if they catch you downloading it. As a result, you’ll need to look for ways to download torrents without anyone noticing. Here are ways to can achieve that.

VPNs and VPN Services

VPNs are becoming one of the most common things in the Internet world. Whether it be for downloading or simply just browsing, it’s important to mask your data nowadays. One of the benefits of a VPN is that even your ISP won’t be able to track it. What happens, though, if your Internet speeds are too slow for what you’re looking to download? If that’s the case, you can look to utilize a seedbox for your downloading. These boxes have built-in VPNs, and allow you to use an Internet connection that’s much faster than your own. They can provide you with the protection you need and the speed to get it done quickly.

Torrent Proxies

Before VPNs, there were proxy servers. While they aren’t as common nowadays, they are still relevant and used, especially if you want to mask some of your activity. A proxy will hide all of your data. A torrent proxy, on the other hand, won’t affect your regular browsing, but will help to mask whatever you’re downloading on a torrent site. These types of services are often provided by VPNs. However, if you’re looking to save some money, you might be able to find a standalone torrent proxy online. Before doing anything with your proxy, make sure that it’s hiding your IP first. The last thing you want is to find out that all of your information got leaked out when you thought you were hiding it.

Cloud Torrenting

Cloud torrents are similar to the boxes mentioned above. However, they don’t allow for seeding back. In torrenting, once you download a file, you become a seed, meaning someone can use your file to help them download theirs. While this poses no security risks, it can result in your Internet connection becoming sluggish at times. Cloud torrenting does away with you being a seed, but at the same time, will offer you a quick download rate from a server. These services are straightforward to use and are quite easy to find. The big thing to look at, however, is the privacy policy behind cloud torrenting sites, as that will show you the risk of your information being leaked.

All of these methods are great ways to download online without fear of being caught. Whether you’re downloading movies, or simply don’t want to worry about your ISP throttling your bandwidth, anonymous downloading is the way to go. Take a look online to see what services are available, and find one that suits your needs. What type of anonymous downloading service are you leaning toward?