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4 Data Science Career Paths

They say pursuing a career in data science is one of the sexiest jobs you can take. However, being a data scientist and analytics professional is never that easy. There are plenty of skills and tools you need to learn and be familiar of before you can practice in this field. Therefore, knowing the best data science career paths available today is important.

Choosing the Right Data Science Career Path

The future for data science professionals continue to become even brighter with the ever-changing online business landscape. These days, there are a lot of data science job vacancies posted on job portal sites are available for every potential candidate.  With the growing number of big data, there’s enough information you can use to analyze and plan the best techniques to gain more opportunities.

There are many career paths you can take once you decide to become a data scientist in the future. But let’s focus on the top 4 below:

1. Reporting. The main role of business analytics experts is to produce reports on a regular basis. Reporting typically include what happened and why it happened. In the long run, you will have to describe what’s happening and what will happen next.

2. Intermediate analysis. If you’re a graduate of computer science, statistics, or economics, intermediate analysis will be one of your first roles. This involves business and analytics while understanding these two concepts at the same time. It’s a quite diverse field so you need to have knowledge in fraud analytics, risk analytics, decision management, and other related skills in deep learning.

3. Strategizing. As a strategist, you need to determine the best methods to achieve your business goals. Large corporations hire business level and corporate level strategists in order to come up with the most efficient marketing plan that works for their target market.

4. Data science. Some of the skills sets required for this role are text analytics, material simulation, video processing, speech analytics, and image processing among others. Only a few people are truly experts in these fields that is why data science jobs are in demand today. If you are planning to get an online Masters Degree in Data Science to accelerate in your field, click here for more information.

Bottom Line

If you want to become successful in these data science career paths, you need to learn and acquire technical skills as well as communication skills in order to carry out your responsibilities in the most efficient way. Also, the complex models involved in data science make this profession a little bit difficult for some.

The career paths mentioned above are only some of the options you have right now. You can explore other career paths that match your skills and interests so that you can enjoy long-term success in the field of data science.