4 Payment Methods Your Home Business Can Offer to Clients

Home-based businesses are on the rise. Whether you are selling online, offer services to clients in your home or run your business from an external location like a small store, office or even a market stall, it’s becoming increasingly more important to provide your customers with a wide range of different payment options. Customers who can decide between a variety of options for parting with their money will appreciate the flexibility, plus be more likely to trust your business and return again in the future for a seamless and hassle-free service at the point of sale. Here are some payment options to consider.

#1. Cash:

Cash is slowly fading out as the main method of paying for goods and services but there’s no denying that it can still be quite a popular option. Many customers who still pay with cash enjoy doing so as it’s easier for them to track how much they are spending. For example, they may withdraw a certain amount of cash each month or week to budget with. In addition, paying with cash eliminates the use of technology on the customer’s part and allows them to pay without giving away any personal details about themselves. If you are taking payments in person, don’t rush to ban cash payments just yet.

#2. PayPal:

PayPal is a secure and popular payment provider that can be useful for your business whether you are taking payments online or in-person. You can quickly request money using a unique link or send an invoice to a client using the PayPal app or website if necessary, which they can then quickly and easily pay in the app. PayPal is a preferred choice for many customers who shop online, as it allows them to make the transaction without entering any of their sensitive financial details directly into a website, so it’s a must if you’re taking any online transactions.

#3. Mobile Payments:

Are you offering services such as hairdressing and beauty, consulting, therapy, or something else to your clients from your home? Or perhaps you are selling goods from a stall or a van or providing a mobile service. These types of businesses can be difficult to get card payments set up for if you are moving around a lot, so why not make it easy by taking payments from your mobile device? This mobile point of sale service allows you to turn your smartphone or tablet into a checkout device that you can use to calculate client totals and take quick and easy payments.

#4. Installments:

Paying in installments is becoming more and more popular with online customers, so if you are selling online, it’s well worth looking into. And when using services like Klarna and ClearPay for your checkout, you will still get the money to your business upfront, so there’s no need to worry about missed payments leaving you missing out. Offering the option to pay in installments can be very useful for boosting sales if you are selling high-value, expensive products, as it makes them more accessible to a wider range of customers.

Which payment methods would you like to see more businesses offer?