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5 Local SEO Strategies for Small Businesses and Startups

If you are using the power of SEO for local customers, then there are certain special considerations that you need to take. While some general practices apply to any business in any location or size, some techniques are particularly significant for the local target audience. It is a proven fact that 70% of the clicks made by users are organic and not paid. 

Here are the top five local SEO strategies that top SEO agencies like SEO Quotes advocate for small businesses and startups.

Give Your Users an Option to Post Reviews 

93% of the customers buy a product only after reading online reviews. The quality and quantity of reviews posted on your site or blog play a major role in determining your SEO ranking. 

If you cannot afford a dedicated review management tool or agency, you can give them a link with your product, business card, email, or invoice that they can use to post their review. While asking for reviews, don’t be afraid of negative ones. Use them as valuable feedback, respond to them with professionalism, and do the needful. 

Upload Your Business Profile with Quality Pictures on Google

Google My Business (GMB) is a Google tool that allows you to upload your business profile and put you forward in local search results. However, posting it once is not enough. You need to keep it updated and increase engagement by posting several good quality images. Photographs of your business improve your image and make it easier for your customers to locate you. 

Place Your Contact Details Prominently on Your Home Page

Your business name, office address, and contact number should be prominently placed on your key webpages. This will enable your visitors to contact you without any further search quickly. Also, make sure that the contact details posted on your website are the same that you have uploaded on GMB.

Be Phone-Friendly

Any good SEO company, like SEO Quotes, will tell you how crucial it is to make your website phone-friendly. According to statistics, 80% of users used their mobile device to conduct internet searches in 2019, 40% of the web transactions are completed on a mobile device only, and over 50% of websites use a responsive web design that works on all devices. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your web pages are phone-friendly.

Get Quality Links

The position of your site improves on SERPs when other reputed sites link back to it. Google takes it as an indication that if your site has good amounts of quality links to your site, it is worth visiting. It has been found that the more sites link to your page, the higher your SERP ranking would be.

To build links, you can include your local bloggers, businesses, event pages, and newspapers. Positive mentions about your company serve as a boon for flourishing small businesses.

With so many processes to handle in your business, SEO seems to be an extra effort that’s better off when handed over to experts like SEO Quotes. The longer you wait, the more it might affect your revenue and organic traffic. So, use these local SEO strategies today and make it easier for people to find your business online.