Digital Marketing

Blogger Outreach Strategy for 2021

Backlinks drive website traffic and are a vital element of any SEO strategy. And in order to fetch quality backlinks, you need to convince bloggers to post content on their website. This is known as blogger outreach. But is blogger outreach as simple as contacting bloggers and asking them to post your content? There’s more to the process than what most would assume. It requires patience, consistency, and research. But when done right, blogger outreach can be a powerful tool to drive SEO success.

Finding the right prospect

Blogger outreach begins by scouting options and finding relevant blogs and influencers. Niche is not the only important consideration. Of course, the number of followers is a critical criterion. Since it’s a time-consuming process, blogger outreach services from agencies such as Ocere specialise in this particular aspect of digital marketing. In addition to hiring a professional team, the following tips may also help.

  • Look through blog directories. Blog directories are a valuable tool in finding influencers. One of the primary advantages of using a directory is that you can browse using filters and categories. It’s easier to go over the list of blogs that are most relevant to your niche.
  • Maximise the benefit of Google. There’s a reason why Google is the biggest search engine. You’ll get relevant results regardless of what you’re looking for. And in trying to find a blog or influencer for your campaign, Google should be on the top of your list of tools.

Lastly, you can also look for influencers in the comments section of blog posts. Bloggers do spend time reading posts and commenting on them. And if the niche matches your business, finding the right influencer is much easier this way.

Engaging with bloggers and influencers

Once you’ve found an influencer or influencers, the next step is to forge a strong business relationship. The more you nurture this connection, the longer you’ll benefit from the partnership. To do so, the following recommendations might help.

  • Get to know the influencer. Getting to know the influencer gives an impression that you’re interested in what they do. And in the process of writing guest posts, you need to ensure that the content aligns with the tone, values, and blog niche.
  • Consistent communication. Nurturing a business relationship requires consistent communication. Bloggers value their time too – which means timely responses are critical, as well as making sure that you value their schedule when it comes to posting content.

Commenting on the influencer’s post is also necessary for maintaining a good business relationship. You can find influencers by actively engaging in posts that are relevant to your niche.

The last step in the process is making sure that you generate high-quality backlinks through the connections you’ve built. Whether your strategy is guest posting or seeking contribution from the blogger on the type of content to post, the ultimate goal is to ensure that each strategy delivers results.

The aim of blogger outreach goes beyond networking. Along with the tips outlined above, it’s also important to focus on the numbers because it’s the only objective way to determine if your efforts are working or not.