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5 Online Tools For More Productive Content Writing

Even as a great writer, you cannot rely on your talent alone. You need self-discipline and professionalism to deliver impressive work. Many people think that professional writing is a career anyone can hack, but they are wrong. Like any other job, writing requires focus and dedication.

Well, aside from that, you’ll also greatly benefit from online tools. The Internet gives writers access to amazing tools that ensure they improve their productivity. Also, remember to practice as that is the surest way of increasing your speed. Speed is also essential for students because time flies, and you can easily miss your assignment deadline. But fret not, writing service is here to ensure you submit your term paper on time.

Creating impactful content requires extensive research to ensure you supply readers with factual information. It also requires originality, because as you know, plagiarism is highly frowned upon in the writing world. With the right tools, you can be assured of content that gets readers coming back for more.

1.  Hemingway App

Every writer can relate to struggling to simplify complex sentences. It’s hard to keep track of readability, especially when you are writing for a new audience. Hemingway App highlights all complex sentences, so you have an easy time making your article more readable.

If your readability score is high, it means your article needs work. You can see your score drop gradually as you improve the structure of all sentences the app highlighted. The app is intuitive, and you can always create content within the app if you don’t mind editing as you write. Most writers prefer running their articles through the tool after they’re done with creation.

Aside from sentence structure, the app also highlights passive voice and complex words, not to forget spelling and grammatical errors and also check word count. By the time you’re done going through the write-up, you’ll have a perfectly written article.

Whether you’re writing a product description, short stories, or giving your opinion on a particular subject, Hemingway App comes in handy. The app ensures that you’re giving your audience straightforward information.

2.  Grammarly

That is another app you shouldn’t miss as a content creator. Grammarly allows writers to go with the flow of their creative juices without worrying about the spelling. Even as a professional writer, I bet there are words that you’re always struggling to write. This app saves you from the embarrassment that comes with simple grammatical errors.

Consider the add-on option that highlight errors within the Word document. With each highlight, the app provides explanations as to why you should make a correction. That is an excellent way of improving your productivity since over time; you’ll realize the common errors you make as you write.

Grammarly ensures you can effortlessly check the spelling of each write-up before you submit it. That app takes the pressure of delivering excellent content off your back.

3.  Headline Analyzer

Who does not want a tool that analyzes their headlines to make sure they’re catchy enough? Every writer wants to come up with headlines that catch the attention of readers. Headline Analyzer, like its name, analyzes the strength of your headlines.

Sometimes you think your headline is catchy, but it turns out as cliché. There is nothing as bad as a cliché headline because it throws the reader off. Cliché headlines make your content look spammy even when it is not. A reader determines if they’ll read your content or not from the headline.

If you’re creating content for a blog, you need to ensure your headline attracts as many readers as possible. You want a headline that makes the audience curious to find out more.

4.  Blog Topic Creator

As a blogger, you need to discuss diverse topics on the blog to keep your site fresh and exciting. However, coming up with ideas to write about can be challenging, especially when you’ve been writing for a while. I mean, you could always repurpose content on your site, but you’ll need a long-term solution since you can’t possibly repurpose everything.

Did you know that there is a tool that helps with topic generation? You heard that right! Blog Topic Creator is a tool that suggests topics you can discuss based on the keywords you key in. That is an excellent tool as it helps you plan for titles that can last you a month or so.

This way, you can stay ahead of your competition by always deliver fresh content. As you create content, ensure you’re not lifting other people’s work. Always check your articles for plagiarism before updating them. It doesn’t matter where you lift the content from; this behavior will catch up with you sooner or later.

5.  Canva

Aside from creating impressive content, you also need high-quality images to go with each article. Readers appreciate visual illustration to help them connect with the article. Canva is a tool that enables you to create unique images for your blog.

The platform offers writers a wide variety of images to choose from. Regardless of what your article is about, you’re bound to find an image that suits it. The wide selection of images ensures you use unique ones that aren’t similar to those used by other bloggers. You can even customize the background to suit the designing of your website.


Content creation is an amazing experience, and these online tools ensure that you boost productivity. Delivering high-quality content ensures your readers always come back from more. Always check your articles for plagiarism to ensure you update your website with original articles.