How to Improve the Security of Your Office Building 

The security of your office should be a top priority, whether you’re operating a school, law firm, distribution center, or small business. Unfortunately, break-ins are all too common, and even horrific events such as active-shooter situations have become a real threat in today’s society. Keeping your office secure with these easy tips will ensure the safety of your staff, students, and anyone else who may be in your office. Keep reading to learn more about improving the safety of your office.


Require Key-Card Entry

A secure entry point is the first line of defense for your office. This restricts access only to those who have a key card to get in; preventing unwanted visitors or criminals from wandering through the doors. Key cards are unique to the employee, so with some systems, you can even track the comings and goings of your employees to ensure punctuality or simply get a better idea of which entrances are used most often.

Key cards entry can be combined with security cameras and electronic doors to allow authorized visitors entry, but deter those who would try to enter by force or with ill intent. This is one of the simplest, cheapest, and most important steps to better secure your office.


Security Cameras


Security cameras can act as a deterrent to would-be trespassers or criminals, a record of events that transpired at your place of business, or an electric eye through which you can observe visitors and those requesting access to your office. Businesses of all kinds can benefit from including security cameras in their security budget.

Have you ever wondered why you see security cameras in every government building you enter, or why most retail stores and gas stations are monitored with them? Security cameras are a cost-effective way to monitor inventory and people, and in the event of a crime, can serve as an early warning or evidence for the police investigation.




Your security cameras are pretty much useless if your office isn’t lit up. You should have lighting at every entry and exit point, in dark corners, and pretty much anywhere in your office building that isn’t illuminated by windows or other light sources. Light helps eliminate hiding places for intruders, provides a canvas for your security cameras to record from, and allows employees to see any intruders who have entered your office.

Don’t underestimate the power of good lighting; it can mean all the difference in identifying a trespasser or other criminal via security footage. Poor lighting produces grainy footage and can prove to be an obstacle when it comes to identifying suspects. Illuminate your office inside and out for maximum visibility.


Armed Guards


Another option for your office building’s security is hiring armed guards. These trained professionals will act as on-site police for your property, keeping trespassers out and even acting as first-responders to violent crimes like mass shootings.

Armed guards have sometimes retired military or police personnel who understand the volatility of certain security situations. In the case of a violent criminal, it definitely pays to have an experienced armed guard present to eliminate the threat before lives are lost. Minimizing casualties and deterring crimes are just some of the benefits a professional armed guard can offer.

Choose a company like Smart Security Pros for all of your security needs, and you’ll be sure to get the best service in the business. Don’t trust the safety and security of your staff, students, or personnel to just anyone; choose a service that stands behind its products and services and truly cares about the safety of the people in your office.

The Bottom Line


Safety and security aren’t things you want to leave to chance. With modern-day threats like mass shooters, break-ins, and more, it’s important to keep all of your employees or students safe in the event of a crime; whether it’s perpetrated by a violent criminal or not. A cornered individual can be just as violent as a seasoned offender! Keep everyone safe with modern security solutions, starting with securing all of your entry points. Restricting who enters your office is the single best way to avoid any unwanted casualties or crimes.