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5 Proven Strategies to Convert Your Web Visitors into Paying Customers

If your web visitors don’t click your “buy now” buttons and take out their wallets, all your initiatives and the resources you spent to bring them to your website will all be for naught.

You need sales.

Hard, cold sales if you want to keep your business thriving.

That’s why in this guide, we will cover several tips that will help improve your online sales. The tips we’ll share are reliable, proven and tested to work, and actionable.

If you’re dead serious about growing your online business, then follow the tips shared below.

1. Nurture leads and generates sales with email marketing

There is a reason why almost any established business you’ll come across is building their email list.

Email marketing hands down works!

It allows you to reach out to your audience directly.

The distraction they get is minimal.

And it doesn’t cost much to run email marketing campaigns.

TL;DR: you can benefit big time from running email marketing campaigns.

A reliable email marketing software you can check out is Sendiblue.

Among other things, the tool has a drag and drop feature that allows you to create stunning, professional-looking emails in minutes — seconds, even.

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It also has automation features, integrations, and even a CRM (among other things) to help put your marketing campaigns on steroids.

To help you get better results out of your email marketing campaigns, consider these tried and tested tips:

  • Be mindful of your subject line’s length. Your subject lines won’t render well on mobile if it’s uber lengthy. Put the important words at the start of your subject lines.
  • Use email automation tools. That way, you can move your audience deeper into your sales funnel without doing much manual work. This improves your productivity while reducing your manpower costs.
  • Add banners on your signature. Email signatures can help you get better conversions if you use them well. Just by adding a professional-looking banner to your signatures, you give your list the opportunity to take action on your offers.

2. Create your own app to give your audience a better user experience

There is a lot of benefits to be had from having your very own app.

Considering how much distraction your readers get when they’re on social media platforms such as Facebook or a ginormous ecommerce website like Amazon, you benefit greatly if you can drive your web visitors to a platform where they don’t get any distraction.

That’s the power of having your own app.

You get full control over your visitors’ experience.

You can remove any form of distractions, from banners, pop-ups, or notifications. You can fine-tune their experience so they are focused on one thing — consuming your content so they’re compelled to buy.

The best part? It’s now easier to create your own app. With the help of platforms such as Microsoft Azure DevOps, you can streamline your software development process.

There are even third-party tools you can leverage that will let you automatically run your Azure DevOps backup.

Because your backups are done automatically, you can rest assured knowing that your app is safe and protected when unfortunate events happen, such as your codes getting corrupted or you becoming a victim of cyberattacks.

3. Use automation tools to stay on top of your audience engagements

Automation works because it ensures you respond to your customers’ inquiries immediately.

With automation, you can increase your productivity, avoid the frustration and headache of doing menial work, and it allows you to serve your audience better — which often leads to better conversions.

Consider chatbots, for example.

Instead of manually replying to chat messages from your prospective customers about your rates, you can have a chatbot set up so it automatically answers your customer’s inquiries.

Imagine what would happen if your audience chatted to inquire about your rates while you’re asleep? There’s no way you can reply to their inquiry immediately.

The chances of them reaching out to your competitors and transacting with them drastically increases. All because you couldn’t reply to their inquiry because you’re asleep.

Having automatic replies through chatbots eliminates this problem.

Of course, that’s just one application of automation., for example, has several automation templates you can choose from.

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Whether you need a chatbot for customer support, your ecommerce store, for recruitment, etc, you can choose from one of’s preset automation templates so you won’t have to build your chatbots from scratch.

4. Invest in quality content to get better conversions

No matter how amazing your site looks, if it doesn’t have compelling content, there’s a good chance your web visitors will only bounce off.

That won’t do you any good, of course. After all, you need to influence them to take action on your offers.

When you invest in compelling content, however, you can easily turn your website into a money-making machine.

A carefully researched and written content can influence your readers to take out their wallets and make loads of purchases on your site.

Below are great tips to follow if create compelling content and streamline your content creation efforts.

  • Talk about your readers, problems. Reminding them of their problems will make them emotional. Once they get emotional, they are a lot easier to influence to take action on your offers.
  • Write in the second person. When you write in the second person, you make it sound as if you are talking directly to your readers. This makes your copy resonate better.
  • Use feature-packed content management software. If you aren’t using reliable software, you’ll find it challenging to produce and publish your content. You’ll end up installing several other plugins to streamline your process when you could just use a single content management software.

5. Run split tests to uncover the best messaging or offer for your audience

Running split tests will help you generate more sales and optimize your marketing spend.

For example, you run two ads offering your services for a monthly payment of $1,000, or you can bill them twice a month for $500.

This kind of split test will tell you which payment structure works best for your would-be customers.

Skyrocket your online sales

Increasing your online sales doesn’t have to be rocket science.

Just by following strategies and tips that are proven and tested to produce amazing results, you can take your online sales to the next level.

The strategies shared in this guide are by no means complete. However, if you take the time to act on them, you are bound to see your online sales improve.