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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Printer for Your Business

All businesses, regardless of their size, will require a printer to run efficiently and effectively. Going completely paperless is simply not affordable for all businesses, and likely will never be. The technology for printers is continually improving every year; creating better models and faster print times. Don’t crumble under the pressure of choosing the right printer; by following these 5 simple tips you’ll have the perfect printer for your needs in no time at all.

  1. Analyze Your Requirements

These days, printers do so much more than simply printing as they also have the power to connect you to the world. Your decision needs to be based on so much more than just your expected print volume. You need to figure out your print volume as well as what type of document you’ll be printing the most, if you require color printing or if you want to connect your printer to your network, as well as how much space you have in your office to dedicate to a printer or multifunction machine.

  1. Decide What Printer You Want

Once you know if you want a black and white or color model, you can then move onto the inkjet vs laser printers debate. If you have a smaller business and you don’t do very much printing then you can get away with using an inkjet printer – but if you have a larger operation then I strongly suggest you invest in a laser printer. Laser printers used to cost the earth back in the day but they have become much more affordable in recent years. 

  1. Factor in The Cost of Ink

Most people get caught out by a common trap when buying a printer; they think they’re scoring a great deal on a cheap printer but then later get caught out by the price of the ink cartridges. As a rule of thumb – the cheaper the printer is when you purchase it, the more expensive the ink will be later. Laser printers produce a much higher print yield when compared to inkjets so you could end up spending the money you saved on the printer on the ink costs.

  1. Consider the Print Speed

Waiting for a printer to finish printing is a frustrating waste of time. Choose a printer that can keep up with your requirements so your employees don’t have to hang around the printer for hours each day. Laser printers take around half the time to print that inkjets do, but that gap is closing as technology improves.

  1. Read Reviews

A great piece of advice would be to look online for reviews of the models you are interested in, this will help narrow down your selection. The best way to know how well a printer works is by checking to see what everyone else is saying about it, this is especially true for brands you haven’t heard of – new doesn’t necessarily mean bad but it is wise to check it out before handing over your money.