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5 Top Certifications for Learning Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

As an establishment, the standards and practices of Artificial Intelligence, automation, and the cognitive system are continually evolving over the last decade. The establishments will depend upon your skill, profession, and business.

If you are interested in developing a thriving career into AI and machine learning, there are various certifications that can help you get recognized and develop the right skillset.

Here are some popular data science and machine learning courses that can help you polish your skills and improve employability.

  1. PGP in Data Science and Machine Learning – Jigsaw Academy

It is a 10-months course offered by Jigsaw Academy in association with the University of Chicago, which provides internship guarantee along with lifetime access to University’s strong alumni network. The program is a blend of deep learning, data science, and business analytics and visualization using AI-based advanced computational methods, cognitive computing, and deep learning. You will also learn tools like Python, SQL, Tensor Flow, Excel, Tableau. Analytics India Magazine 2017 & 2018 ranked the course amongst the top 2 courses in “Top 10 Executive Data Science Courses in India”.

  • PG Diploma in Machine Learning and AI – IIITB and UpGrad

It is an 11-months online course offered by IIIT Bangalore in association with UpGrad to help prepare professionals for the future technologies of data science and machine learning. The program provides learning in the categories of deep science, classifies algorithms, NLP, reinforcement learning, and graphic models. You will also learn to create solutions for chatbots, image classifiers, and smart games. During the course period, you will also get the opportunity to participate in hackathons, which will help you enhance your portfolio.

  • Applied AI and Machine Learning Specialization, AI and Deep Learning with Python – Analytixlabs

It is an 84-hour AI and Machine Learning course provided by Analytixlabs offering task-oriented and practical training on the Python platform using Tensor flow and Keras. Through this course, you will understand neural networks and their building process. You will also work on many case studies like image processing, text data processing, speech analytics, and IoT. It is a course for those professionals who have prior knowledge of data science and machine learning, as it only helps upskill.

  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer Masters Program – Simplelearn

The program is co-developed by IBM, where you can master programming languages, machine learning, and deep learning. The program is divided into level course levels where you will also get a hands-on experience of actual projects. You will also get access to digital badges from IBM upon completion of the program. The course offers many perks upon completion, although it is only available for professionals who have prior knowledge of the domain.

  • PGP in AI and Machine Learning – Edureka

It is a 9-months online course provided by Edureka in association with NIT- Warangal, where you will also be exposed to real-world problems while gaining theoretical knowledge. The program is for everyone who wants to kickstart their career in AI and Machine Learning. Anyone with basic programming skills can join the course and understand the concepts of deep learning. Professionals who are looking for a career shift can also take the course and learn the domain details.

Explore Career Options in Data Science and Machine Learning

The right certification of AI & ML can give your career a kickstart. Those, as mentioned above, are the top five courses and certifications for learning AI and ML in India. You can choose the course according to your budget and requirements. Since the requirements of such professionals have evolved over the years, the time is right to upskill yourself and embark on a thriving career in the industry.