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6 Elements of Outstanding Homepage Design for Startups

Your homepage is the first thing that any visitor will see, a great page will ensure they stay more than just a few seconds. In fact, getting your homepage right is an essential part of developing a successful business.

This may sound daunting but it doesn’t have to be! Make sure your homepage has the following 6 elements and you’re virtually guaranteed an outstanding home page.

  1. Identity

When someone visits your page they need to know who you are. This means you need a short sentence introducing your name and what you do.

Remember, attention is generally short when someone arrives on your page, keep this simple and to the point.

You can then add a few lines about yourself, what you do, and what your values are.

This will give visitors something to connect to and encourage them to click on your easily accessible links. 

  • Clean Lines

It can be hard to know what information to include on your homepage and what to leave off. The trick is to remember that your page needs clean lines.

This means shirt sections that tell people what you are, what you do, and give links to more information. The links must be easy to see and clearly labeled.

This is the stage where you’ll really benefit from the assistance of reputable Web Design. In case you were wondering that’s a place and you don’t have to live there for them to be able to give you expert assistance!

Keeping it clean and simple will encourage them to go further into your site.

  • Visibility

When a page loads on any device the viewer will only see the top part of your page, this is the visible part.

Your welcome information needs to be on this visible part, designers generally refer to this as being ‘above the fold’.

Make sure everything you need a visitor to see is above the fold, but maintain the clean lines. 

  • Get The Font Right

The font you use can have a profound effect on your reader! A simple font suggests honesty, integrity, and straightforward answers. This is the one you want to use for the majority of your page.

You can add more elaborate fonts for special titles and events, but keep any blocks of writing in an easy to read font.

  • The Color Scheme

Just as the right font can change someone’s perspective of you and your business, so can the wrong color.

The majority of your page needs to be pastel, white spaces are actually a good thing. In fact, the best color schemes use white and just 2-3 other colors. This ensures the focus is on the writing and images, not on the color scheme.

The greater the range of colors on your page the more likely it is that a visitor will quickly move on, it will simply be too much to take in.

  • Images

You need one large image that hits people when they open your page. This can be the background to 2-3 simple sentences that tell visitors what you are and how to find the information they need.

Ideally, the image should relate to your service and, while being good quality, it needs to load quickly.

People generally have short attention spans, they won’t wait for a page that doesn’t load quickly!

Get your homepage established and get some independent friends to give you honest feedback, it’s essential you get this part of your business right.