7 tips for managing time more efficiently

One of the biggest assets of our time is, well, time itself. So, getting the time well organized and managed is a challenge not only when it comes to work, but only in many aspects of the personal life. And the truth is the time gets more and more valuable and we must have it consumed as efficiently as it can be.

Here are seven tips to help managing time more efficiently:

Plan ahead and have a to-do list.

Planning ahead and having a to-do list help a lot with organizing the activities and with saving and managing time. Ideally, planning ahead for an entire week will make all tasks clearer, and with a to-do list or a bullet journal, it becomes all more organized. If there are too many variables for an entire week, then taking some minutes to plan for the second day is true time saver. This will also help stay focus and motivated. And with a list, you can easily follow the progress as you check another task off.

Prioritize and outsource.

Having the plan ahead and the list with the tasks will facilitate prioritizing. And one thing to do is always start with what is important and urgent. This way, you can avoid stressful tasks in the second part of the day, when the energy starts drying out. The first hours of the day make you deliver the tasks more efficiently than later afternoon. Also, if you don’t need necessarily to handle some tasks in person, you can delegate or outsource some of the least important ones to someone else.

Focus on one task at a time.

With the tasks prioritized, one must not forget to take each of them at a time. And that means beginning and finishing the task without going just halfway, which will waste precious time and concentration. Also, focusing on just one task instead of two or more increases the chances to have it done properly.

Time check and time limit.

When it comes to checking time and imposing a limit, always keep in mind to not throw away precious minutes of even hours on activities which are time stealers. Is not only annoying, but also gets you tired and demotivated. Setting a time limit for a task will make the whole process more efficient, and this way you can check how each workday was spent.

Use software tools for time management, like invoice automation.

Using some software tools will also help in terms of time management. For example, switching to invoice automation will spare a lot of headache with the extra work and will also reduce costs. Nowadays is easy and fast to make an invoice automation, with all the technological advancements in accounting which help businesses and freelancers alike. Automation will also keep things up to date, track expenses, avoid manual error management, and boost productivity.

Have flexible schedule and tasks.

While being rigorous in your work is an essential asset, so is a flexible schedule. That doesn’t mean not sticking to the ahead planning, but to get the best of your energy and your schedule, whenever you have to adapt it to everyday changes. There is not a straight rule that people have more energy, focus, inspiration or are more creative in the morning. So, if you work better in the evening, then having the flexibility in arranging the tasks in a day will make the most of your time.

Don’t push everything to accomplishment.

All these tips will help a lot – and many of them may sound like rules to follow -, but bear in mind that not everything must be accomplished in the same day, if the time runs out, or in a perfect manner. So, don’t push the tasks – and yourself – to a perfection level. Each task will be fulfilled at its best, even though that doesn’t always mean perfection or even a closure in that day. Giving your best for the time being is sometimes enough.